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Tax Day Musings.

When my mom died last year she left us with several annuities. These were the type of tax-deferred annuities that when they were distributed, the taxes had to be paid on them. So my sister and both saw spikes in our income and had to pay the taxes from this money. So far, so good. We both did our civic duty and paid our federal, state and city taxes but doing so illustrated to me how un-stimulating taxation is. I mean, I wrote the check and sent it into the government, end of story. But maybe it would it have been better for the economy and for my fellow citizens if I had spent the money instead. So just for a lark, I thought I'd blog about 20 things that I woulda/coulda bought with my tax money, if I still had it!

1. Books- from Amazon, from local book stores, from Catholic vendors - making it possible for all of those vendors to pay bills, buy more books, etc.
2. Vacation/recreation. I could have gone on a big trip this year - something that we NEVER do unless it's with a tent. We might have even flown which would have helped the ailing airline industries, as well as hotels, restaurants etc.
3. More online courses like Bravewriter.
4. Send Gabe to Interlochen.
5. Hire someone else to do the outside trim painting and inside paint jobs.
6. Lap top, electronics for Mr. Pete and the teens for school work.
7. New Guitar for Sam
8. Maybe new vehicle for Mr. Pete.
9. Kitchen remodel and new appliances.
10. Replace 15 year old washer and second hand dryers.
11. Install central air.
12. Replace worn and torn sofa.
13. Buy some sod for kid-worn nonexistent turf in the backyard.
14. Paid one year of college for Sam.
15. Pay to have trees in front removed.
16. Send Izzy to an Art Camp.
17. Start Rosie in dance classes.
18. Get a bigger and newer computer screen for work.
19. Update software for homeschool computer.
20. Buy a good telescope.

and I thought... if everyone who had to write a check today could have bought something with it instead, or invested, wouldn't that have been a true Stimulus Plan? So I wish someone would explain to me how higher taxes are going to be better for America because where I sit, I just don't see it.

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