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1. So at the start of the school year, I used my wonderful Panasonic point and shoot camera to take pictures up at Lake Erie and also when Mr. Pete and the boys were scraping the roof. It only takes a little bit of debris to get into the moving parts of a camera to make it start working goofy. Mr. Pete was able to take the camera to work and blow out all of the debris, and it does seem to be working fine now, but it got me thinking about cameras and photography. I have really really enjoyed digital photography and knew I wanted to get to the next level in how I take pictures. So I found a great sale on eBay, ran it by a friend who is a professional photographer, and bought my first digital SLR camera.

2. Now when I got my camera I had to learn how to use it right away because I wanted to shoot pictures of the cross country team. Some of my first efforts were very blurry, but when I changed lenses and tried again I got much better results. And in the last couple of weeks I have gotten really great shots of our cross country team. One of the moms even suggested that I should shoot professionally.

3. Well I am far from professional caliber but But I am happy pretty much with what I shot at cross country. However when I had a different venue and tried to shoot pictures of our Archangels Feast, which was indoors and more or less still - I got bad results. So obviously there is a learning curve that I am still climbing.

4. I have had a lot of pain this week in my left side - sometimes as low as my left thigh, to as high as the left side of my throat and in my back too. Of course my mind travels to the gazillion different types of cancer I could have. But I think it's a pinched nerve somewhere and I have had this off and on since Rosie was born, in fact since my epidural with her. I finally did the Aleve, warm soak, rest thing and it worked. Still some pain, but not as bad.

5. I did call the Department of Recreation to complain about the art classes getting axed. According to the fella I talked to, the buildings are going to stay open. Groups can use them. Art teachers can even come in and use the facilities. It's their employees that won't be teaching the classes. So I wonder what our wonderful art teacher, who has a college degree in art, is going to be "reorganized" to do? Also there will be no medieval feast this year for the kids. There was a little pre-school that is being closed too. But I suppose if an independent contractor wanted to rent that space they could keep it open. It all sounds like a mess to me. The DOR person also said the programs might be back in April - in time for the end of the school year. Mr. Pete thinks that these programs will be held hostage for some kind of a levy on the ballot. I wouldn't be surprised.

6. I will try to find some kind of art or craft classes for Izzy and am looking at some in the community and even some on line. That is her passion and her talent and I want her to be able to pursue it.

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7. My oldest boys went to a rehearsal for our parish's praise band that is just starting. They were very enthusiastic about it and it will finally give them an organized venue to play guitar and drums for. I'm interested in hearing it.

Bonus - I am playing my flute at a wedding in a few weeks - a change from my usual wedding duties. The mother-of-the bride asked about playing Color My World. That was a blast from the past and I remember getting asked to play that all the time in high school. Don't know if we'll be allowed to do it in church but it was fun to remember it! And while the organist and I are old enough to remember it - I doubt
Father V ever heard it!

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