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Outside my window...
Gray cloudy sky and the tree outside my window looks like the leaves are thinking of changing already. The temperature also took a big drop -my goodness - is autumn here already? I fell like I barely got summer!

I am thinking...
about Mr. Pete who is re-roofing the back of our house this weekend. 20 years ago he and I together painted the trim. I remember the neighbor wondering how I could lay on my stomach and paint for hours. Now so do I! 10 years ago Pete took two layers of shingles off the front of the house and put new shingles on all by himself. He learned a lot but it took him weeks, and weeks and weeks. We had many floods inside the house while he was working on that project. Today he has our two 6 foot tall sons out there helping him! Good things come to those who wait I guess.

I am thankful for... the fact that I don't have to go out on the roof again!

From the learning rooms...we are going to learn a bit about Missouri but other than that we are really low key for a while longer.  I'm still recharging my batteries. 

From the kitchen...BLTs - I have tons of tomatoes this year!

I am wearing...cream colored capri pants and a gray knit top.

I am creating... a clean house. Got the main floor done last week - the basement and classroom is again this week!

I am going... to be doing more cleaning and organizing and exercising!

I am reading...

Mary Poppins which is much, much better than the movie!!

150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know

Anticancer: A New Way of Life
(although personally I don't think there's much you can do about it - still it's worth a look.)

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+La
The most intriguing homeschool book I've read in a long time!


I am hoping...to meet a certain weight loss goal by the end of the week!

I am hearing... The air conditioner which actually masks the usual buzzing in my ears.

Around the house...see above!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ditto above!

A picture I am sharing:

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