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St. Sebastian

St Sebastian
Via Father Lawrence, OP on FLickr

Today is the feast of St. Sebastian, who is also the patron of the church I attend. A few years ago, our pastor and our director music collaborated on a hymn, which we will sing this Sunday. After all, it's not like there are lots of St. Sebastian hymns to choose from!

St. Sebastian was a Guard during the time of Diocletian. Sebastian was responsible for converting many to Christianity and many miracles were attributed to the saint.

He is most often pictured bound with arrows poking out of his body.

He was seriously injured and left for dead. St. Irene found him barely alive and carefully tended him back to health, and I might add, without the help of antibiotics! She must have been extraordinarily gifted.

Nonetheless he recovers his health and goes back to persuade/confront Diocletian and is successfully murdered that time. I often ponder how St. Irene must have felt about that!

He is the patron of soldiers, athletes, and police officers.

Usually my parish hands out chocolate arrows to the school children and PSR students. But as a family, red velvet cake is always a nice way to celebrate a martyr.

A few years ago our parish's contemporary music group sang a song about the saints and I wrote a verse specifically about St. Sebastian:

St. Sebastian the soldier who bravely leadThe people to Jesus until his heart bledFrom arrows that pierced it and left him for deadOn the feast of our patron martyr the vestments are red!

More interesting files about St. Sebastian in my Diigo files!