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Figuring out an autoblogging option

One of the reasons I started blogging was to share interesting, fun and important things I found on the web.

My old Diigo account was perfect for that! It let me save links all day long, and it posted them on this blog once a day, along with my comments about each link!

But there was some breakdown between Diigo and the powers that be at Blogger about six months or so ago and the service hasn't worked right since then, despite multiple assurances from Diigo that it should work, and multiple attempts by me that proved that it didn't!

Last week I found something called IFTTT, which stands for, If This, Then That! It let's you automatically find things in one spot (Facebook, Diigo, Delicious, Buzzfeed, Instagram, Youtube etc. ) and then send it somewhere else - including Blogger. The problem is that it does this every time you find something instead of being able to do just one big post a day, which just isn't practical and actually is kind of annoying! (i.e. the ten or more posts it put up today that I had to delete!

So in desperation to try something else, I burned my Delicious Feed to Feedburner, and then I got one of those fancy widgets to put at the top of my page so that my finds can show up there! The downside of course is that won't show up in any readers or the blog RSS feed,but at least the links are showing up somewhere on my actual blog.

I'm open to any other suggestions. The Diigo trick was so great while it lasted. Hope I can find something else like it in the future.

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