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Festival of St. Joseph Altars

Don't forget to check out the Festival of St. Joseph Altars.

St. Joseph Altar

The kids and I put a very humble altar together. We included our little statue of the Archangel Gabriel, since he plays such a large part in St. Joseph's story.

st. joseph alter 2012 003

This is a very nice statue of St. Joseph and Baby Jesus that I purchased via e-Bay a few years ago.  Behind him is Father Lovasic's Good Saint Joseph (St. Joseph Picture Books)
 - a Catholic Classic.
st. joseph alter 2012 005

This was our attempt at the Chocolate and pretzel crown of thorns.  I had difficulty getting the chocolate to stick to the pretzels!  Nonetheless we carried on.  Although the crown was displayed on our St. Joseph altar it is now safely in the freezer awaiting Easter dinner!

st. joseph alter 2012 002

st. joseph altar 2012 007