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11th Day of Christmas

Eleven Pipers Piping
The Eleven pipers piping refers to the eleven Apostles who were faithful to Jesus.
1) Peter
St Peter
 2) Andrew
St Andrew
3) James
St. James the Greater
4) John
St. John
5) Thomas
St Thomas the Apostle
6) Matthew
St. Matthew
7) Phillip

st. phillip
8) Bartholomew
Statue of St. Bartholomew at Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose, California
9.  James
St James (the lesser)
10.  Jude Thaddus
Statue of St. Jude Thaddeus (socha sv. Juda Tadeáše)
11. Simon

St Simon

Here is a nice little poem to help you remember the names of the apostles:
Peter, Adrew, James and John
Fishermen of Caperneum
Thomas and St. Matthew too,
Phillip and Bartholomew
James and his brother Thadeus
Simon and the one called Judas,
Twelve disciples here in all
following the Master's call.


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