Join Me!

Some help with scripture and prayer resolutions in 2012!

It's challenging when you have a busy life with kids and work to get the time in to pray and study scripture.  Here are some tools that I have used or have read about that make the best use of my time and  are faithful guides!

Helps for more prayer time.

Using Divine office. com is one of the easiest ways I found to accomplish this. You can listen to it on your computer, get the app for your phone, or download it to an MP3 player! It couldn't be any easier!  It's not just for Catholics either - all Christians could benefit from praying the psalms.

Praying the rosary more your thing?  Come Pray the Rosary, Our Catholic, Hail Mary Rosaries. 

Looking for a rosary app?   Here ya go!  and also here!  And a special one for Android(I have this one!)

More old school?  here are two of my favorite Rosary books:

Help for reading and studying scripture!
This is a great guide from that- from the folks at the Coming Home Network - includes the catechism too!

Any of Dave Armstrong's books are excellent for study and education. 
St. Paul Center for Bible Study
Sunday Mass Readings
Agape Catholic Bible Study. 

and for hard copy lovers!

Mr.Pete has this one and loves it!