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Kirstie Alley - moving at 60!

If you didn't catch Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars on Monday, here is her performance!

Here's what I took away from it.

She's one of the oldest contestants, and she's overweight. So what! She put energy into her performance, she put in the work, and had fun! And the result is she looked fantastic and is near the top of the leader board (just behind 49-year-old Ralph Macchio (The original Karate Kid!).

I loved the gray workout top she wore for one of her practices, but overall big tops make you look bigger. I tend to do that too; we ladies think we're hiding when in reality it's accentuating. Her costume was just right for her on the ball room. I'm sure it had support features to it. It was to her knee and covered her well. It will be interesting to watch them dress her through the season as she progresses and continues to lose weight.

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