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Nativity of the Blessed Mother

Usually for Marian Feast Days the kids and I make a "white dinner." Everything is white in honor of Mary.

Since I knew we would be crazy busy today, we celebrated on the Eve of the feast with white chilli and a white cake.

This year I wanted to decorate for the Feast, so Izzy made some homemade foil stars, 12 of them, and we hung them around our statue of the Blessed Mother. This statue is one from my family home. I remember it in my grandmother's house when I was growing up and then I got it after my mom passed last year. I'm glad my children are going to grow up with her. (I just need to touch up a few nicks!)

izzy art september 2010 003
izzy art september 2010 002
izzy art september 2010 018

izzy art september 2010 020

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