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What's the beef with Sarah Palin?

I don't get it. Why are so many people vitriolic in their hatred of Sarah Palin?

In the interest of finding out, I watched Cathy Areu on the on the O'Reilly Factor last night.Ms. Areu has called Sarah Palin "Larry the Cable Guy minus the class or intelligence."  Strong words, although mild by most liberal standards. But I wanted to hear what it was about Sarah Palin that deserved such rhetoric.

And as far as I can tell it's two things -
1.  She doesn't have to stand in line at Walmart and
2.  She made $12 million since July.

That's it. It occurred to me that Oprah also doesn't stand in line at Walmart and has probably made $12 or more as well, and yet I don't hear that kind of  ad hominem attack flying towards her from the left.  Come to think of it, Larry the Cable Guy probably doesn't wait in the Walmart line either!

So I'm still wondering what the beef is, because even though Ms. Areu writes her own magazine, she didn't make a very compelling case against Sarah Palin in my book.

Palin Called Female 'Larry the Cable Guy' - Video -

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