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Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival is a weekly opportunity to share our best posts with the wider Catholic blogging community. To participate, create a post highlighting posts that would be of interest to Catholics and link to the host blog at This That and the Other Blog. Go to the host blog and leave a comment giving a link to your post.

St. Sebastian Confirmation Class 2010

This week I blogged about my son Gabriel's confirmation. He chose the confirmation name Jean Marie after St. John Vienney. So his full name is Gabriel Ernest Jean Marie LaVictoire - that is indeed a French-sounding name!

Adding to the fun, today we are playing A Tenebrae Service in a town about 30 minutes away it's called Shadows: A Service of Tenebrae Seven meditations on the Passion and Death of Christ.

You can hear the selections here.

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