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Some stories from Haiti, news, how to help and Mr. Pete's plan

One of the most reputable services giving assistance in Haiti is Catholic Relief Services. You can follow their extraordinary news and pictures via Twitter. You can donate to Catholic Relief Services on their secure site here.

One of the more interesting stories coming out of Haiti is that of little Solomon and his American Adoptive parents, the Bentrotts. You can read their blog, Adventures in Life.   Kim and Patrick Bentrott were in the process of adopting 14-month old Solomon when the earthquake hit. Now they might have trouble finalizing and getting Solomon to the states. You can check it out and provide assistance on their site, Save Solomon. The Kansas City Star has been covering the story well.

Mr. Pete had an interesting idea on helping the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. He suggested allowing any who were interested to migrate to a city that has lost population, i.e. Detroit or Flint Michigan and using those their relief funds for helping them get a good start in this country. After, all there is PLENTY of unused housing in Detroit and Flint. If done correctly it might be a good start for the Haitians who decide to migrate as well as the stagnating cities. Although, and I mentioned this to Pete, moving from a Caribbean island to a northern climate might be quite a jolt.

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