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it's the little things

Amongst my mother's belongings, I found this small landscape picture. It's a print on a piece of very cheap cardboard in a plastic frame. It's about 8 x 6 inches or so. Not very big and weighs next to nothing. It's not even great art.
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But on the other side of this picture, probably more than 70 years ago or so, a teacher wrote:

Presented to Mary Rose Leckrone for perfect attendance to Sunday School by her teacher, Mrs. Norman Stong.

from a teacher

And that is where the real value of the piece comes from.  What was it that made Mom keep this little picture all these years?  Perhaps it was with fondness that she remembered her Sunday School Class. Or perhaps she fondly remembered Mrs. Norman Stong.  Or maybe Mom tenderly remembered having perfect attendance with Sunday School.  Whatever it was, it made her save this little momento for the rest of her life and out of respect for that I found a little place to hang it in my home office today.

The one thing I have truly learned this past year of going through my mother's things is that the little cards, notes and little keepsakes are worth so much for the loving memories and feelings they evoke.  They are in fact priceless!

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