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1. Long time readers might remember that last winter I signed up to be a volunteer photographer for the Find a Grave website. I did my first assignment last February, but was not able to locate the grave I was looking for. Then Mom got sick and died and I just haven't had time to pursue it. But this week a request came in for a nearby Catholic cemetery and since I am trying to visit a cemetery everyday until November 8 for an indulgence for the poor souls in purgatory, I decided to take it!

Izzy and Noah went with me. We went to the poor church secretary who graciously helped us find where the grave should be located and gave us a map. But with these old graves you just never know and I wasn't sure if we would be able to find it. The kids and I were looking at all of the flat markers, hoping to see the name we were looking for. And then voila! we almost ran into it!

october 2009 and old halloween pictures 223

That was nice - to actually find the grave I was supposed to photograph!!

2. Mr. Pete hasn't been to the grocery store in two weeks and we have been scraping by- quite nicely actually. It's amazing the stuff you can find to eat from the stuff you already have! Although I did have to run out for some laundry soap and toilet paper - it's hard to get by without either of those two things.

3. Yesterday, I was at another cemetery and Izzy and I were looking at some of the statuary to photograph and since we got further away from the van, Sam, who has his driving temps, took it upon himself to pull the van up behind us. He actually did pretty well and so I thought since this is an old cemetery with lots of twisty roads and hills, it would be a good place for him to practice driving. So Sam was driving us through the beautiful fall colors of this peaceful cemetery. We went down one twisty turny hill and found our path blocked by a mountain of leaves that the cemetery crew had raked and scraped together and left there. There was no where to turn around and the only way out was to back up. So we gulped and Sam backed that big van up - all the way up that curvy cemetery hill. He was quite proud of himself and I was proud of him too!

One of the statues I shot yesterday with the Pentax that I'm still learning on!
october 2009 and old halloween pictures 258

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