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Small Successes


1. A lot of learning to let go and let it be this week - for me! Which is a hard lesson because I like to ask questions, I like to have some sense of control and I tend to live in a state of denial when it comes to avoiding bad news. But this week I had to take a special loved one (SLO from now on) to the breast oncologist and as much as I wanted to go in with her for support(hers and mine) and to meet the doctor and ask some questions, SLO just wanted me to be. Just be still and be - alone in the waiting room. And I did that. I could do that. Might have been hard for me to do 10 years -impossible 20 years ago and out of the question 30 years ago - but I managed to do it now.

2. I am a little off my game this week, but nonetheless I was able go throw together a last minute St. Martin's Day craft from Waltzing Matilda's blog. Izzy and Rosie did it and I let them keep their "lanterns" glowing in the dark in the room all night long!

3. My family has really rallied around SLO and her family. I was very proud of how the kids just made room for SLO's son (henceforth known as SLOS) at the table, in their activities and even just around the house. But I am most proud of Mr. Pete who got up extra early to take SLOS to his early morning sports practice before school as if he were his own kid. When times are challenging, my family shows me time and time again that they can step up and do what needs to get done. Good job family!

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