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Works for Me Wednesday - keeping family lore and history alive!

It wasn't a day after my mother died that it hit me - my main link to my family history and heritage was gone.

Luckily I am finding that although mom didn't keep a diary or a blog, she did save just about every card, note and letter that was ever written to her! I've been posting many of them in my "My Dearest Daughter" series on Tuesdays. So I am able to piece a lot of things together. Plus my family kept tons of photos, some over 100 years old. And I am determined to get this stuff organized and written down so that the next generation will have some idea of what happened before them.

About four years ago, my sister gave my mother a memory book to help with this, much like this one. 

I know mom started it, but I haven't found it in her stuff yet and I know she didn't get a lot done.  But I'm thinking of getting one for me and starting to write these things down now in my 50s instead of my 80s, when I still feel good enough to do it. That way the answers to some of those historical questions will be readily available to my kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews and all of their kids when they're intested.

Works for me!

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