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My Dearest Daughter

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My grandma was a rectory secretary. She talks about that a lot in this letter!

Thursday, September 18, 1958

Dear Kids:

What a gloomy day! It rained all day yesterday and last nite and today it is cloudy and cool. The corn needed the rain badly, the pastures have been so dry. Calvin has been cutting corn and feeding it to the cattle. They love him for it.

Today I got our small album of wedding pictures. It is verynice. The pictures are finished in a soft tone not glossy as yours are. I'm sending Stan's ot to him, that is if I can find their address.

Father D. came by and picked me up and we went to St. Agnes Church and ran off the stencils for that cook book. Remember you have a couple recipes in it too. Guess I'll send you two of them, then you can give Mrs. Esquibel or Lucy one of them. I'm going to have the great pleasure of putting the pages together. Father D. wondered if I wanted the pages at home. I told him, "No! No room!" The altar society will get the credit and Father and I will have done the work.

Guess I'm taking Mom home next week. She must see her Doctor. She has done very well, had a couple little spells, but didn't say anything til she felt better. She has been having a ball for herself. She is a queen of the kitchen. On my working days she has supper already when I get home. Gosh it is going to be hard after she goes home. She is getting quite lonesome for Geralyn. Calvin has been living the life of the gods, apple pancakes whenever he wants them. She is spoiling them (Dad and Calvin) rotten! They'll have to settle for much less when Mom goes home, believe me!

Say, will you sign the enclosed paper. I'll save myself the enormous sum of something like $2.50. I already have to pay a $5.00 penalty because I didn't send the title in on time, and I have to buy the license. Those are yours you know, new law. Course you don't want them either so I'll just hang on to them til they expire. I can get the new plates October 1 I think. Then I'll have some insurnace on it too.

Dad has been working at the Milford GM Proving Grounds. He'll have a little over two weeks there I guess. He also got a raise last week. He is now making $4.05 per hour. All he needs is more hours. Things have not picked up in Flint yet. That is construction hasn't. Dad may go to Detroit to work.

How many children do you have (in your class)? How come you are teaching history? What are the Social Studies? Are you doing extension work?

Great Day, Catholics were asked to vote along with others for a 2 mill increase in taxes and if passed we get the bus back. I guess we have a few over 150 kids riding the Davison
public School Bus.

I'm still waiting for you to tell me where to send some of these books. Not fiction, school books. I have three packages of them ready and on e package with two plaques and two wick call sets, pillow slips, your music box. I don't remember what all, oh yea, one of the casserole sets. Do you want them in Chama or T.A? Did Pete get his hay up? Your ranch should be closer then the guys could help one another eh? How are you feeling? Have you gotten any liver shots yet? and are they helping?

Well guess I'll go eat. Mom made some vegetable soup and baked two apple and one peach pies. We have canned 28 quarts of peaches and 4 quarts of tomatoes so far. God love you both.


Helen Leckrone and Father Donahue in the 1950s

My grandma (seated) and Father Edward Donahoe. I do not know the lady standing between them.

A little bit more about Father Donahoe here.

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