Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mrsL (mrsL) on Twitter

I was getting a lot of tweets on my twitterfox yesterday with accolades for President Obama. I responded on Twitter. I had just been getting ready to do a post about the silence on many of the blogs that were so pro-Obama last fall and wondering why. But according to Twitter there are still lots of people behind the president's administration. Of course per the polls that percentage is below 50% - but a lot of those folks apparently still use Twitter.

Obama said something yesterday about pitching in and using a mop. I couldn't help but remember that was a jingle for McDonald's back in the day.

Of course now folks are lucky to be able to even get a job at McDonald's. Maybe that's what the president was referring to.

Incidentally, this blaming the previous administration is getting old. To continue with the mop/McDonald's analogy, maybe when Obama took over there was a spilled carton of milk on the floor, but since then he's turned over a crate. And he won't be mopping that but our kids sure will be.

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