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Answering some criticisms quickly.:
"She must be stuck in mommy mode 'bad girl- I am SOOO disappointed in you!'- making
me wonder about her home.

In my experience, telling someone that they have disappointed you, including  my children, is a benign but effective and nonconfrontational way of making the point.

 She never did leave her mother alone-but she thought about it openly in her blog.

My sister and I contemplated whether we were hindering rather than helping our mother's recovery by visiting her daily.  I found an article that suggested that perhaps that was the case.  I blogged about it here. 

Her mother developed a terrible bed sore (meaning the nursing home was not doing their job completely).

Actually my mother's terrible bed sore developed over 24 hours in her apartment unable to get out of bed by herself.  She had it before she was even hospitalized and from then on it received constant care.  It never completely healed before her death.

 but I do not wear a religion on my sleeve.

Matthew 5:16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

I agreed with Elena on the Eucharist- but I am beginning to think we are in a different Church. 

 So do I. My church opposes abortion and politicians who support abortion.

What are those teachings on capital punishment?

Death Penalty - Catechism Catholic Church.

How are we supposed to treat other Christians?

Catechism Catholic church.

 How about your Candy blog?

How about it?

Don't worry- I understand that Elena can dish it out- but blocks me on her comments. So---enjoy this one. "

I did. 

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