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1. I don't oppose US Health Care reform. I totally think we have to get a handle on costs and regulate insurance company abuses. I just do not think a major sweeping of the health care system via what the Democrats and the President are advocating is necessarily the only or the best way to go about it. There are some things in the house bill that I find concerning. I also think this is something we need to take our time on and do it right! Rushing something through just does not seem to me to be the wisest course of action.

2. And for the record Mr. Pete does buy health insurance for his small business. We have a medical savings plan with a $5000 deductible. The idea was that we would save the money to fill the savings accounts. But with three families on the plan with kids and lots of little illnesses and a few chronic problems, as well as climbing premiums, that just became next to impossible. We pay a lot out of pocket.

3. I got a new camera this week. It is my first DSLR. It makes me appreciate my point and shoot so much more! I took it to cross country last night, but I don't think my shots were all that great. I am going to play with it more today.

4. Last weekend the family headed out to St. Louis for my niece's wedding. Mr. Pete is one of 9 siblings. One sibling is deceased. Of the remaining 8, there were 7 with their families at the wedding - a very nice turn out! One of the nice thing about being from a large family is having lots of cousins! Here is the beautiful bride with her youngest girl cousins!


5. You could also caption that picture with "One of these things is not like the others!"

6.  On the way home we went through Springfield, IL and stopped at the amazing Lincoln Museum. What a fascinating place!!  You could literally spend days in there reading all of the exhibits.  We couldn't because we had Rosie with us and because we still had to drive home!  But it was very enjoyable and I'll have more to blog on it a bit later - possibly also on my homeschooling blog.



7.  So we considered the weekend a homeschool field trip.  We also went up into the St. Louis Arch and visited Lincoln's tomb!  But when you go on a long trip over the weekend, you slam into reality pretty hard on Tuesday.  With cross country and music lessons starting back up I took it slow.  I still had lots of typing to do! Next week we hunker down and start the new school year in full!

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