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Sam's PLAN test results.

I blogged back on June 1 about the PLAN test. This is the pre-test for the ACT exam which is usually given in the sophomore year.

Sam got his results back and we saw a lot of improvement from last year. I can clearly see how he did by looking at the graphs. The results also tell me that he is above college readiness in math and reading!! Yeah! At college readiness for English but below for science- so I know what we have to work on!


Some other neat features of the PLAN test - they give you the answers from the test so that you can actually review them in the answer book to see what you missed! They also provide concrete suggestions on how to improve in those areas.


Finally they give you an idea of how you would currently score on the ACT and what types of colleges would be interested in those scores. I think that is very helpful.

I am looking forward to sharing these results with our superintendent when we re-notify for next year, and also with our reading specialist and portfolio evaluator who has been so helpful to me over the past years.

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