Advent and Christmas Resources and Link Up - An Open Letter to Sean Hannity - FOX Fan Father Jonathan's Open Letter to Sean Hannity - FOX Fan: "Here's my point:
When we believe we have discovered truth and, therefore, we believe others are wrong — a sign of cultivated intelligence, not pride — we must reject the temptation to throw civility to the wind. Being right always didn't ever inspire Jesus to jeopardize people's reputation or dignity. It went against his very nature, and it should go against ours too. Sometimes he spoke harshly, but he always spoke in love, and he made sure people knew it.
Sean, I don't always agree with you and Alan, as I have told both of you in person, but I think you are both honest, and both have the humility and courage to accept truth when you stumble across it, even when it comes in bits and pieces. I think it's precisely this three-pronged attitude of honesty, humility and courage that best prepares us, with all of our imperfections, for heaven."

My e-mailed letter to Father Jonathon!

After reading your open letter to Sean Hannity, I wondered if we saw the same program?

I saw the program where Mr. Hannity attacked Father Euteneuer with one logical fallacy after another and never did address Father Euteneuer's main concern.

Look, I'm just a lay Catholic wife and mother trying to raise my kids in this crazy world with the beauty of the Catholic church's teaching as much as I can. I have heard Sean more than once say he supports birth control on his radio program as I'm driving to soccer practice or other activities. It makes my kids ask me questions and it places the seeds of doubt in their minds that I have to work doubly hard to weed out. So what's wrong with another public figure FINALLY challenging him on that?

I understand that the ideal is to take someone in error or ignorance aside and speak to them, but in the case of a mass media figure, when is the damage by that error or ignorance ever addressed to the public?!

Don't misunderstand me Father. I was a big Sean Hannity fan. I listened to him all the time and was thrilled when we could finally watch him when we got cable. But he botched this interview so badly, I can no longer bring him into my home to give further doubt and scandle to my children. One of the spiritual works of mercy is to instruct the ignorant. Father Euteneuer did that and he instructed the rest of us a well.

Further, I think you are very wrong to openly support him. It seems to me that if you really believed what you wrote, you should have called up your brother priest and spoken to him in private since that's what you're suggesting he should have done.


Father Euteneuer responds to the Open Letter.