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1.  After the Health and Human Services mandates against the Catholic Church hit the media last week (along with a strong response from the bishops and other Catholics), articles and commentary against the church were all over the Huffington Post this week. One of the people I was debating with mentioned that the entire argument was moot because the Catholic church is losing members in droves and soon their wouldn't be any Catholic Church in America.  He pointed out that there were more people dying than getting married at his local Catholic Church.  I pointed out to him that there will always be more people dying than getting married because there is one marriage, uniting two people and each of those people will die.  One wedding equals two eventual funerals.  That seemed to knock him out of the debate.

2.  But I got my comeuppance shortly thereafter - my parish has decided to cancel Pre-Cana this year because we only had 5 couples signed up.  Only 5.

I'm guessing we'll have more than 5 funerals this year though.

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3. So for the first time in 9 years I won't have to give a talk to engaged couples and there will not be a transcript or video of the talk on this blog.

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4.  The HHS mandate has had some unexpected consequences.  Calvin was livid. Although he is not living according to the faith right now, he tells me he still believes all that the church teaches.  All of it.

And then today he tells me he has been to confession.   Praise God.

5.  I recently had a post by Mark Shea pop into my newsfeed on Facebook.  I haven't read Mark's blog in some time let alone his FB posts, and now I remember why.  Last week his FB page said:

‎"Conservative Catholics in this country have, in large percentages, embraced a false gospel which teaches that opposition to abortion, not faith in and obedience to Jesus, taketh away the sin of the world. So as long as a candidate is (roughly) supportive of the "five non-negotiables" and wears the Precious Feet pin he can cheer for cold-blooded murder or the starvation of children in some other country, or the torture of prisonser, or pre-emptive war that is not, as Pope Benedict say, in the Catechism and he will get enthusiastic support from "prolife" Catholics, as both Santorum and Gingrich do. That is scandalous." -

Here's the thing - we don't have the "perfect" Catholic running for office, let alone the perfect conservative. We have to do the best we can with what we've got.  All four of the remaining candidates have said things that I absolutely agree with - they've all stuck their foot in it as well. But they're all we got.  In 2008 Mark supported a 3rd party candidate.  That's probably why I quit reading him.  Thanks to Shea and other 3rd party voters - we got the Obama White House. Thanks Mark. Thanks a lot.

6.  Towards the end of cooking this:

we had this

 Yes, that is the dirty oven from Christmas baking that I never got around to cleaning now a little fire in my oven! It totally fried the element and the oven quit working! I have had the worst luck with this oven anway... But Mr. Pete got a new element for around $40 and he is getting a new door too for about $38 with free delivery - it will soon be like a new range - as soon as I finish cleaning the inside!

7.  I found out that my former Jazzercise instructor passed away this week.  I have so many fond memory of her classes!  She was tough and funny and she supported and helped me anyway she could while I tried to stay fit during my pregnancies.  Her FB page of late has been full of pictures of her with her daughters and her husband and her grandbaby.  And her daughters have all changed their profile pictures to pictures of them with their mom.  She is not glamorous in these shots.  Her illness and treatment showed and she had put on a lot of weight  - but that didn't stop her from posing for these priceless photos.  What shines through, and what I bet her family is so happy to have - is the love in her heart coming through her continence - despite of anything and everything.  And that's all that really matters.

Note to self:  Quit being so vain and let the kids take and have pictures of me.  I'll never be young enough or thin enough anyway - so capture the moments instead of waiting to lose another pound or better lighting.

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