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Simple Woman

Outside my window...
Fall in Ohio

I am thinking...
Our life is over like a sigh.
Our span is seventy years
or eighty for those who are strong.  Psalm 90

I am thankful ...
For life

From the learning rooms...

Homeschooling the week of Thanksgiving is HARD!!!
Remember that this is kind of a throw-away week in many schools too. They'll have parties and pagents and celebrations and so can we. I need to clean the house, buy the groceries and get the food going, especially since I have a rehearsal on Wednesday night. Also Izzy decided that even though she knows she won't win a running award on Thursday, she might try for best costume - so we'll be working on that too!

From the kitchen...
Every holiday and special event - we make 7-up salad. It started as a boyhood favorite of Mr. Pete's and now it is a special memory for our kids as well. Definitely have to make that for Thursday too!

I am wearing...
Black pants, pink t and white sweater.

I am creating...
a Thanksgiving day feast - also practicing for the upcoming concerts. Did one last night at a Catholic retirement home and it went pretty well. I know what I have to work on now.

I am going...
to try to work some extra prayer time into my days.  Praying for:
  • Calvin- who  hurt his hand helping a burn victim.  Apparently the victim's zipper on the jacket got very hot and it burned Calvin's hand.  Now he says it feels like it's wet all the time.  Nerves are a funny thing. 
  • Sam - who has actually been studying very hard for the Analyzing Literature CLEP test.
  • Gabe - who is stuck on lazy and is very hard to motivate! He did watch the special on Gabriel Giffords last week and has been thinking a lot about music therapy and maybe that is something he would like to do.  So maybe he will go that way.   
  • Noah who is preparing for confirmation and for the 4 mile Turkey Run on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Izzy - who is also getting ready for this 4 mile run - 
  • Rosie- who is the little light of my life. 
  • Mr. Pete - who continues to work too hard and who refuses to go to the grocery store tonight or tomorrow morning but prefers to wait until Wednesday - which of course is driving me crazy. 
I am reading...
a multitude of e-books that I have bought and are stuck on my computer.

I am hoping...
Thanksgiving will be nice for my kids.  We have usually had it at my sisters and although we have always contributed pies and such to the dinner, this time we are doing it ourselves so I want it to be special. I am also hoping to get our Christmas card picture taken.

I am looking forward to...
the Christmas concerts.   Not looking forward to the practicing though. I am also really, really excited about the Dancing With the Starts Finals!!

Around the house...
Thanksgiving at my house this year.  Trying to decide what to do to make it special.

Pictures I am sharing:

november 2009 042
A favorite Rosie picture- circa 2009

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