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7-Quick Takes

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1. I have thoroughly enjoyed having two weeks with no homeschooling! Especially this week when I also didn't have any rehearsals or performances! I really needed this break!

2. I got the last of my Christmas Cards out last night- don't laugh- it is only the 6th day of Christmas! I actually find it very freeing not to have to try to get all of those out before Christmas Day. I really got to give some attention on it!

3. I watched Easy A  from Red Box the other night.  It wasn't actually too bad (as teen flicks go) and actually was pretty good at illustrating how peer pressure and gossip works.  My homeschooled kids are a little naive about that.

4. This is ironic. A facebook friend blocked me - not for anything I did or said, but because I think she was embarrassed about what she was writing in front of me! 

5.  Rosie has learned how to click off windows.  She is quite adept at it. If I am working or typing, or goofing off online she can easily sneek up behind me, grab the mouse and.. CLICK!!

6.  The nice thing is, I can now have her turn off the computers in the house and I don't have to worry about it.  It's a job she likes doing.

7.  I heard this exchange between Izzy and her friend Tamera in the car last week after the kids' bell choir played for Christmas Eve Mass.  This was only their second performance and although they did a good job, parts were a little rocky.

Izzy - "Tamera, you really messed up that song."

Tamera - "Izzy, how could I mess it up.  I didn't even know where I was!"
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