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Outside my window...
It rained everyday for weeks and FINALLY for the first week of swimming classes it looks like it's going to be very nice outside for a while!
June 2010 210

I am thinking...
when Izzy was born I really wanted her to come on the 22nd. After all her Dad is March 22 and Sam is January 22 and Gabe is July 22. But it wasn't to be and she was born a little after midnight on June 23. Ten years later her grandmother dies on June 22. I can't help but think that maybe then Izzy's birth date was a little gift, so that the two events would have a little separation.

I am thankful for...
my husband who I think had a great Father's Day celebration playing with his kids up on Lake Erie!
June 2010 168

From the learning rooms...
Swimming lessons for the little ones
Oregon and Arizona for Geography
Finish ACT class for Sam!
Try go get some family reading time in.

From the kitchen...
Left overs!

I am wearing...
Black paints, orange/red T-shirt.

I am creating...
a new look for my front porch!

I am going...
to have a busy week. Swimming classes, wedding rehearsal and wedding, homeschool convention!

I am reading...
A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life

I am hoping...
to maybe get some more Reading Readiness done with Rosie this week and to help Sam go over his ACT results.

I am hearing...
the humm of the air conditioner.

Around the house...
Probably nothing although I do hope to get the downstairs bathroom scraped soon!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
See above

A picture I am sharing:  
June 2010 138

Dad and all of his kids for Father's Day
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