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Small Successes


1. My oldest son, the first child that we loved and cared for, fretted over and worried about - the one we agonized over whether to homeschool or not, and the one who struggled to read, and to be on the local high school swim team, has been gainfully employed as an EMT for a year AND has made his own arrangements to move out. He found an apartment, has his utilities lined up, signed a contract and has a nice roommate. So I guess if this is a measure of successful homeschooling, we have to some degree been successful!

2. Sam the second son, a high school junior, successfully passed both of the soccer ref courses (two Saturdays - six to seven hours each!) and is now qualified to ref any soccer games this spring. This pooper scooping gig is going to be a regular weekly event as well - so he can pay for his own guitar lessons - it's all good!

3. A few weeks ago I got a request to put one of my blog articles in a homeschooling newspaper. The kind lady sent me a copy of the newsletter yesterday and it was fun to see my article on the front page. Thanks Catholic Homeschool Association of Omaha!
Catholic homeschool newsletter

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