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Our Lady of Lourdes


I always loved that story and I have told my kids and my husband, if it ever gets to the point that I require extraordinary medical procedures to stay alive- I'd rather take a trip to France and see Lourdes!! Even if I don't get a cure at least I'll have made one last pilgrimage to a place I've always imagined!

But here's the next best thing - The Lourdes Web Cam!

The Story of Our Lady of Lourdes

In years past the kids and I have watchedSong of Bernadette." I know it made an impression on them because they have brought up parts of the movie over the past year. The poverty of the Soubirous family was very striking. They don't want to watch the whole thing this year, but we will watch two of our favorite scenes - Bernadette digging the spring at Lourdes, and at the end when her terrible suffering is revealed just before she dies - that part always gets me!

This site is pretty neat. It talks about Lourdes and about the incorruptible body of St. Bernadette with pictures! The kids thought that was really neat!

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