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My Dearest Daughter,

October 14, 1958

Dear Maryrose:

First of all let me say that I never meant for you to think that you dropped us. I thought I was being cute, but it always comes out different. I wrote you a letter this morning tell you all about Mary, or as much as we could make out. We love you even more than we did.

Now let me tell you of our reaction to your news. The first thing that flashed thru my mind was "Isn't there doctor closer than that?" Then I thought "I wish I could do something to make things easier for you, like doing your washing and ironing," and the inevitable "why couldn't Pete have lived closer!" Of course we are happy about it and I do so wish you didn't have to go thru all of the discomfort or that in some way I could help. But everyone has to go thru it in their own particular way. I guess that is why we love the little ones after they get here.

I can't tell you very much because each of my two were different, but I don't think the nausea should last beyond the third month, but I do know you should see a good doctor no later than the 3rd month. What about that clinic Pete talked about in Chama. Of course, clinics are not as good as a good family doctor. They are so cold and impersonal. We shall be anxious to know Pete's blood type. No use saying we won't worry because we will, so when you find out for sure, let us know and find out about Pete's blood type.

For me the time won't fly fast enough til Dec. 26th. I'll have a large part of your "layette" by that time like diapers etc. By the way would you like the square ones or the rectangular ones. I should be washing clothes right now, but I couldn't until I wrote this letter.

I am so sorry you didn't read my letter as I had meant it to sound. I won't try to be cute anymore it always turns out sardonic.

October 15, 1958
Dear Kids:
Just a note. I have written you 2 letters one went out yesterday and the other today. We received the enclosed ones mailman went yesterday. A Bonanza! So I'll share them with you

Note: (Grandma received some more letters with good news about an engagement and she passed those on to mom.)

The boy Janet Sue is engaged to is the son of a minister who married your Aunt Mary and Fred. Remember? I guess they fell for each other like a ton of bricks. He teaches high school in Brethren and had been going around with your cousin M, but when he met Janet he was a goner! M met a boy she likes very much at some young people's convention out east so lots of love going around! yes!!?

Gosh December 26 seems so far away. It will just creep I suppose. Oh I do so pray nothing happens to change plans.

God Bless you,


I've been meaning to ask how Pete's mother and Lucy are and I forget. Please greet them for us and give them our love and best wishes.

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