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My Dearest Daughter

This is the third letter in this series. The first two were typewritten, but this one is totally handwritten on a very  thick kind of stationery. 

After my parents were married on July 26, 1958, they started the long, long trip by car from Michigan to New Mexico. You need to know that for the context of this letter.

Monday, August 18, 1958
Dear Ones,

My I was thrilled to hear your voice. At first when the operator said long distance then I heard "Colorado" and I couldn't hear I was scared silly. And then the operator said to hang up and she'd try again. You sounded so happy. Tho it's so very hard to realize you are gone, we are happy for you.

I'm going to get some cartons and express some of these professional books. They are perhaps the most important. I'm not able to do too much wrestling with boxes so it will take time and books are so heavy, one should box good ones, cartons I mean.

It's quite an adjustment I must make, for example getting groceries. I forget so much. You know really Saturday was always quite a day. Maryrose I am enclosing the title to the Dodge, will you sign it where the x is as Mayrose Leckrone. Will it be alright with you if the $67 on the pictures and the $13.50 for the pictures for the bridal party making a total of $80.50 pays for the Dodge? That way you won't need to lay any money out; neither will we.

Dad is all thru with Stanley Carter so cash is going to tighten up again. Your dishes came to $114.79, I paid $70 on them and Calvin (my bachelor uncle who was a farmer living at home at the time) is paying most of the balance. The cup and saucers that Gertie bought is the kind of cup that goes with your set. I thought sure it was the other. I'm taking the dishes in this week and they will pack the cup and saucer with the rest for the shipment, but we won't ship them out until they are paid for. You don't need them right away. I guess you told the man what extra pieces you wanted, the platter, 2 vegetable dishes and the sugar and creamer.

How did your interview with Martinez come out? I'm so anxious to know. Don't work too hard Pete. We sure miss you around here. I hope with God's help everything goes as you wish.

God Bless you,


As it turns out, my mom's cups and saucers and other dishes did make it out to New Mexico.  After my parents separated about two years later, those dishes sat in New Mexico for the next 30 years.  When my parents re-united mom got to use them four about 6 years until she got sick and moved to be closer to us in Ohio.  My sister and Mr. Pete brought them back shortly thereafter where mom had them in her Independent Living apartment for a few years.  They are currently packed up and in a storage area where they have been since she got sick this past spring.  If I can later, I'll get some pictures of them.

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Update:  Pictures of the dishes!
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