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Visits to Candyland

If you've been following along, I had a kind of blog war going on with Candy Brauer, the blogger over at My Blessed Home. Basically, Mrs. Brauer was posting a lot of anti-Catholic bashing types of articles and would not allow Catholics to reply or correct anything in her articles. Actually that is how I sort of "met" her. I had innocently shown up on her blog because she had been nominated for a homeschool award. When I sent in a comment regarding one of her articles she didn't publish it. I tried again on a different article and again it didn't get published. After a while it dawned on me that there was nothing wrong with her commenting system, and there was nothing wrong with how I was sending in the comments - she simply was ignoring them! Rather than sending me an e-mail to explain about her commenting policies, Candy chose to blast me on her blog. And so it went.

Eventually I started Visits to Candyland as a way of keeping track of the comments I sent in, that were never published. I also organized a boycott of her e-book. Christians have in the past boycotted events and products as a form of peaceful protest, and that was a protest against Mrs. Brauer's methods.

Recently Mrs. Brauer has toned down her anti-Catholic comments. She removed a stupid "former nun speaks out" link on the top of her blog and hasn't posted a lot of anti-Catholic posts. She even quit the ridiculous Samuel Gipp book series.

So there did not seem to be a reason to keep up my boycott of her e-book. There also did not seem to be a reason to keep Visits to Candyland going either. I took down the boycott when I changed the template for My Domestic Church. I also put Visits to Candyland on hiatus.

Today I read on Candy's Blog.

Q I'm wondering about some of the changes on your webpage. I notice that you have removed the Nun Speaks Out link from the top (although it has moved to the side) and removed the Catholicism heading on your side bar. Care to share the reason for the changes? I know Elena is crediting her blog . . . -Sue

A It has nothing to do with Elena or anyone else. I have just been reorganizing the links in my sidebar, (I recently changed the look of this blog a bit, but haven't done details yet) but I don't have much time to do it, and it's not a priority, so it's been a bit here and there. You'll find my Roman Catholicism articles under the section called "Deceptions Revealed." I'm still working on that and other sections, so more changes are to come. :-) In fact, I may have another really good Roman Catholic article coming up soon.

So let me be clear. I enjoy a truce as much as anyone else and I will keep my boycott down and Visits To Candyland out of the blogosphere for the time being. HOWEVER, I'll get both of those items up and running again within 30 minutes I become aware of anything that even remotely seems like Catholic Bashing again and keep them up for 12 solid months. That's a promise.