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All Saints Day Picture

Touched by Grace Part Two

Touched by Grace

The Protestantization of American Catholics

The Bible and Birth Control

Here and there

I married a good guy!

Girls being Altar Servers.

Wictory Wednesday!!

It couldn't possibly be this easy to get rid of Judge Greer... could it?

Election Novena

I didn't know Father Greeley even still said mass!

Having a baby just to have to give it back.

The poor catechesis of my generation.

Rambo Catholics?

Rambo Catholics?

Did abortion rates really go up under President Bush? No

Kerry and Catholics.

The Plot Thickens

Bishop O'Malley



My Second Generations of Faith Session.


Amazing Determination!

What's going on in My Domestic Church

How to Stay a Large Mammal while Becoming a Large Mammal

A new baby alert

Justina Martyr dunking donuts into hot cider in her Domestic Church.

New Web Ring

Progesterone, smogesterone...

Here's something I don't read every day...

Thoughts on Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeves has died at age 52

Discussion about abortion deaths

Gerri Santorro

The Superintendent and Me!