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My New Year's Resolutions

Musical selections for mass and special occasions vs. The GIRM

Speaking with a Gentle Spirit.

Remember this for next year!!!

St Steven

On the Feast of Steven

I must have missed it!!


Move on Morning-After Pill Called "Reckless

The Christmas Stress diet!

This is a scream!!

My lesson

What's this!!

The morning after pill aka Plan B!

A new neighbor for Raphael

Uncle Al

Christmas Novena and the O Antiphons

He Still doesn't get it

The Slavery - contraception connection

Dieting is to bulimia, as NFP is to ABC!

The cause for Bishop Sheen

Advanced tickets for Mel Gibson's movie!

Helping a Family in Need

Probably a good idea

For my new young friend.

A powerful Catholic Couple give witness to truth!

Getting fringy!!

Some links regarding the slavery issue.

Sacrifice and birth control

More from the Birth Control and Catholic Church Site debate

Catholic church, birth control and conscience