Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Homeschooling High School - More on Senior Pictures

Last month, I posted about shooting my own children's senior pictures.

Although I had some wonderful pictures from our first two photo shoots, I was really looking forward to getting her pictures right before the senior formal dance.

She did her own hair and makeup, and I grabbed the camera - I think the results were spectacular!

May 2017 176

May 2017 178

May 2017 182

May 2017 190

May 2017 201

I guess I would say to any parent wanting to take their own portraits - just go for it!! The more photos you take, they better they get and I think you might even get better shots sooner because your kids feel comfortable with you!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Simple woman

Outside my window...

May 2017 091

I am thinking...

about Izzy's final Senior Dance and how beautiful she looked!

Long time readers might remember that we found Izzy's dress at a yard sale a few years ago. The original owner had worn it to George W. Bush's first inauguration ball but since she was a mom with four kids living in the midwest, she decided that she would let it go.  She was so happy to sell it to us and we were happy to get such a great deal. We purposely saved the dress for Izzy's senior year!

Then as the fates would have it, the powers that be decided that the formal dance should be a black and white ball!!  I was shocked and surprised. So I told the dance director my story and she graciously said that seniors could wear red to add a splash of color!  Both of the senior girls wore red and they looked great.

I am thankful...
for our homeschool community and all of the opportunities they have given our family.

I am pondering...
Calvin and Sarah came in for the weekend to be in a wedding. They will leave tomorrow but are not coming back again this year - and I feel a little heartbroken about that. We have such a busy summer ahead of us, but I hope we can get some time to visit them for a quick visit after they move into their new house.

I'm also thinking about my goddaughter who had her first baby on Mother's Day! It was an unplanned Cesarean but mother and baby are doing well.

One of my Favorite things

soccer, Gabe, daddy
Gabe reffed his last soccer games this weekend. He was also single-parenting.

May 2017 146
As the coaches and teams were congratulating each other, someone else congratulated the ref.

I am hearing...

In the kitchen...
Homemade hamburgers tonight before Calvin and Sarah leave. I am a little heartbroken.

I am wearing...
a thermal shirt - it's still in the 50s this morning!

I am going...

I am reading...

From the Learning Rooms...

    Adobe Spark


    Prairie Primer  - Social Studies and Science this semester!
    Saxon Math Grade 6
    Trail Guide to Bible Geography

    Children’s Choir at Oaks of Righteousness Co-Op

    Isadora: Senior year!
    Art Studies at Akrona Art
    Parish Choir St. Sebastians
    Spelling U See Per Dr. Holinga
    Saturday Soccer League

    A quote to share...

    “Oh, you mysterious girls, when you are fifty-two we shall find you out; you must come into the open then. If the mouth has fallen sourly yours the blame: all the meanness your youth concealed have been gathering in your face. But the pretty thoughts and sweet ways and dear, forgotten kindnesses linger there also, to bloom in your twilight like evening primroses.” 
    ― J.M. Barrie

    A picture to share...

    May 2017 195

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