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Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene July 22

" O happy Mary of happy merit, who deserved to be the first of mortals to see the Son of God rise from the dead. For love of him, you despised the allurements of the world. Commend us to him, we beg you, by your assiduous prayers that we may enjoy with you, O Lady, his most happy presence."

- from a Matins responsory in the Dominican tradition for the feast of St Mary Magdalene.

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He is not here!
Father Lawrence Lew, OP via Flickr, licensed cc

St. Mary Magdalene is know as the apostle's apostle.  She is said to be the sister of Martha and Lazarus. We get our first glimpse of her in the Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 7  and in Chapter 8 we learn her name and that she had 7 demons cast from her.  She told her friends and they became followers of Jesus. She is mentioned at least a dozen times in the scriptures.

Gospel scholars may dispute whether or not she was truly the woman that washed Jesus's feet. Scholars also debate whether her sin was that of prostitution. They do agree, however, that she had been a great sinner, and that she experienced a conversion in her life and became devoted to Jesus.

But I think this is the important point - Mary Magdalene was such a great sinner that she was vulnerable to demonic possession.  And yet Jesus saved her. The lesson for us is that no person is beyond the love and saving grace of God.

It is believed that Mary Magdalene followed the apostles and took care of the disciples. She was the first to visit the tomb and find the risen Christ.

Legends tell us that she remained with the early Christians. The Jews allegedly put her into a boat with other Christians and set them adrift. She eventually landed in Southern France where she lived out her life in a cave. There are stories of miracles from invoking her intercession and involving her remains.

She is the patron saint of converts, sinners, pharmacists, tanners, women and the tempted.

A medieval window of St Mary Magdalene, identified by her long flowing hair and the alabaster jar of ointment, in the antechapel of All Souls' College in Oxford.

St Mary Magdalene
Father Lawrence Lew, OP via Flickr, licensed cc

Sacro Monte di Domodossola. Fig.2.JPG
By Stefano Bistolfi - Own work, Public Domain, Link

For More Information!
Legend of St. Mary Magdalene 

Great Article at Fish eaters about Mary Magdalene


Make a homemade balm, oil, or perfume. This looks fun and it's free on Kindle.

Or make Madeleine's (French for Magdalene - which is fitting since that's where legend says she ended up!).

Catholic Cuisine has the recipe here!

Gluten Free Magdalena Cakes!

On a personal note, my son became a single dad when he was 17.  He was rebellious and rejecting of his parents and Catholic upbringing. After four years though, he is finding his way back to his faith, and has blossomed into a focused man, provider, loving son, and most importantly - loving daddy to his little girl. Today is also his birthday.


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7- Quick Takes

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum.

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1.  Every time we go to the local library branch, Miss C. runs to the fish tank to say hello to Frank, the Fish. This week, she started to run to the tank and the librarians desperately tried to stop her!  It seems poor Frank is swimming with the angels. 


I took her aside and tried to explain to her that Frank died, and that we couldn't see him anymore, but that we could always remember how happy he made us. Of course, I had a catch in my throat and tears in my eyes, and the librarians were all standing around doe eyed.  I don't think Miss C was buying any of it.

She did leave a note of remembrance on his tank though. It's in her own special language. She told me later it said, "It's Okay. You'll feel better."


Then she started asking me all of those questions about heaven, and Jesus, and why didn't Jesus just send Frank back, and what does he need with a fish anyway.

Next semester, Noah is taking an End-of-Life Ethics class.  I think Miss C should give the oral exam. If the students make her cry or break her spirit - they fail the course!


2.  We go to this branch of the library a lot. So much, that I noticed they even had my picture on the bulletin board! And as I rarely like my own pictures, but thought this one was pretty good, I took a quick picture of it with my phone. 


Gabe was also on the wall of fame!  and of course Miss C. is in both pictures!

3.  Speaking of the library  - ours now lets us take out cake pans!  How cool is that!

4. Someone actually said this to me this week on Facebook:

You may feel like sometimes in real life you don't get to be idealistic and you have to make sacrifices.
So let me be clear - I absolutely feel that sometimes in real life,  you don't get to be idealistic and you have to make sacrifices. It's called being a grown up.

Image result for betty white memes

5.  Calvin had a birthday this week. So I posted his very first formal portrait.  That's him with a scowl on the left.   In his usual dry manner, he asked, "Why did this happen?"   So his aunt told him.  It's hysterical and so is his visual response!

7.  Friday Freebie - A Parents Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts .   This was one of the first talks I heard Lee give when I started homeschooling high school years ago. This is kind of funny, but one of the takeaways that run through my head just about every day that we homeschool is that if your student is annoying you - that's not A work!  It could be B work but it's probably C work! You can imagine that Noah had a lot of fun with that his last year of high school!

If you find that helpful, you might want to consider Lee's other products, like the High School Solution.

  • Training videos: including how to prepare for high school, how to choose curriculum, how to homeschool each year of high school, including delight directed learning, teaching individual subjects, options after graduation, planning courses, testing, college admission and scholarships, motivating teens, and more!
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  • For you visual learners, here's a quick summary:

lee binz

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Alternatives to College Credit Plus in Ohio - Earning College Credit with CLEP exams

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A few weeks ago, I blogged about post-secondary credit options for high school students in Ohio.

College Credit Plus is the newer name for the state post-secondary program of dual enrollment for high school students. Their website describes it this way:
Ohio’s College Credit Plus can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Taking a college course from a public college or university College Credit Plus is free. That means no cost for tuition, books or fees if you attend public school in the state of Ohio. If you choose to attend a private college or are homeschooled, you may have limited costs. 
There are many reasons a family might want to put their high school student into a postsecondary program, and one of the biggest is financial.

But there are other options to the College Credit Plus program, and one of those options is CLEP or College Level Examination Program.

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program.  CLEP is administered by the College Board, and is a legitimate way of getting college credit in high school. It even has its own page on the College Board Site. The idea is, that if you are already well versed in a certain subject, you can take the CLEP test on that subject and if you pass, you get college credit. If your college accepts the CLEP test results, you just saved yourself a lot of time and money.

The CLEPing process is pretty straight forward.

1. See if the colleges you are interested in accept CLEP credits.  You can do that at the college board here. Just type in the name of the school you are interested in and the site will take  you there. Make a special note of the CLEP exams they accept.  If they don't accept French I for example, it wouldn't make any sense to send the French I exam to that school.

Also, note the score you have to have to pass the test. Most schools accept a 50.  Schools like Ohio State in Columbus, OH only accept a few CLEP exams and demand scores of 60 and higher to be accepted.  Be sure to check before you take the test!

2.  Know your subject material.  I found that my students were the most successful in passing the CLEP tests when they took them within a few months of finishing the high school course. Noah took and passed the biology CLEP exam the summer after he finished Biology in high school. He was also successful with American History Part II.  My son Sam, who was always very good in Math, passed the College Math CLEP exam and American HIstory Part I, both when he was just a few months out from completing the course.

3.  Study. It helps to have just finished the course for the exam you want to take, but it is also important to study. We found Instantcert to be invaluable in preparing for the exams.

We also used
CLEP Biology, (REA) by Laurie Ann Callihan. 
Anatomy Demystified by Dale Layman
Biology Demystified by Dale Layman
Chemistry Super Review 
Physics Super Review 
CLEP General Review 
CLEP Natural Sciences
Review for CLEP General Natural Science
Mathematics Made Simple
CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. 
CLEP History of the United States II
A People and a Nation
CLEP American Literature

4.  Decide which test to take and then register for the exam on the College Board Site.  Each exam is $80. The testing center where you go to take the exam will charge a fee as well. Altogether it may cost a little over $100 for each test.Each test is worth 3 to 6 college credits. When you register for your first test, you will also register an account with the College Board. After you register and complete your registration for a CLEP exam, you must print out the registration ticket. You have to bring that ticket with you on test day to the testing center.

5.  There are testing sites all over the country.  But not every school that accepts CLEP exams is a testing center, and not every testing center accepts CLEP credit!  Again, the College Board site is your friend here in making those determinations. You will register for the testing center when you go to register for the exam, although in my experience, we had to pay the testing center separately, on the day of the exam.

6. On the day of the exam you need to bring:

  • Registration ticket
  • Test fee
  • Government issued ID with photo and signature. This must be current. 

7. You will have the option of sending results to the schools of your choice for free. Except for Composition, you will have your scores immediately. 

It is up to each school to grant credit for the exams. Noah passed the Biology CLEP exam. His school gave him 6 credit hours for that.  He also got 3 for American History II.  That was a savings of over $3600 dollars. My only regret is that he didn't take more of them!

There are 33 CLEP examinations.

Here are some of my CLEP links.
CLEPfohomeschool Yahoo Group

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