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Advent and Christmas Resources and Link Up

Every year I like to update my Advent and Christmas Link list and share it with all of you on this blog.  I will be adding new pages as I find them and have them  linked up at the top for easy access all advent/Christmas season and throughout the year. Have a good link you want me to include? Just send the link to me at elljazz at gmail dot com. OR  you can link up at the bottom of this post with your blog posts.

An Advent Table

Christmas Novena:
Printable prayer 

Advent Calendars:
EWTN 2013
A spiritual Christmas Crib  New
About homeschooling Christmas Calendar
Busted Halo! 
Professor Carol's Advent Calender 
Sun and Candlelight New!
Teaching mom advent calendar - this is 2008  - but still great info here!
Organized Christmas
Daily e-mails from Christian books through advent
Catholic Culture
United States Catholic Council of Bishops advent calendar  New for 2014

Planning for Advent
Wildfowers and Marbles Blog
Catholic Cuisine- treats for Advent and Christmas
Christmas advent planner

Advent reading
Kids literature link for Advent
Father Sanders, History of the Advent Wreath
Advent Adventures
Catholic Culture
Eight Ways to Keep Advent
Waltzing Matilda's Huge reading list for Advent!
Legend of the Poinsettia -Review 
Christmas Mosaic, An Illustrated Book Study for Advent and Christmas
Diocese of Erie, PA advent resources.  New!

Preparing the Jesse Tree
Jesse Tree ornaments
More Jesse Tree ornaments
4Real Forums: Alternate Art Study - Jesse Trees
Jesse Tree Reflections for 2014
The Voice - Jesse Tree readings and ornament symbols. 

Prayers of the season!
Saint Andrew Novena
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Immaculate Conception
Advent prayers
Audrey's links - Christian (not Catholic) links for the advent and Christmas season
A longer, but interesting read on advent prayers and traditions
Blessing of the creche from USCCB

Saints of the Season
Our Lady of Guadalupe
St. Lucy   New!
Printable Catholic Advent saints!  via Catholic Icing  New!

Immaculate Conception
Mary Candle
Celebrating the Immaculate Conception

 St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas Center
Advent and Christmas Links at Domestic
St. Nicholas
My St. Nicholas Links!
St. Nicholas Day Cookies from Holland New!

O Antiphon craft with altoid box!
More O Antiphon links and crafts.
Lots of O Antiphon links!
O Antiphons from Catholic Icing
O Antiphons Chants and readings  New!
Cool code behind the O Antiphons - via Adam's Ale  
The Golden Nights  New!
O Antiphon coloring pages  New!

The 12 days of Christmas - party idea!

Other miscellaneous resources!

Activities for Advent
A Catholic Life 
Advent and Christmas Favorites- Shower of Roses  New!
Advent Planner from Catholic Icing   New!
Advent Symbols  New!
Catholic Fire - Resource Guide
Catholic Mom Lesson Plans
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Tons of links from Catholic Mom

Cherished Hearts at Home - lots of links!
Family in Feast and Feria - Great Advent Page!
Grief and Loss over the Holidays  New!
Like Mother, Like Daughter New
Lots oLinks from
Our Sunday Visitor
Star of Bethlehem
Saints of the season - links!
Shower of Roses- Sample Christmas Mosaiac Reading Basket New
My Advent Links on Diigo
Bible movies in the first weeks of Advent
Homemade gifts and ideas via the Common Room!
How to Save Advent
The Barest of Advents  New!
Whether to Homeschool During December or not.
Ruth's Advent Activities and Links for Children!
Catholic Fire- 12 Tips to a Better Advent  
Catholic FIre-12 Tips for Making Advent More Spiritual.
Catholic Fire - 15 ways to Pump up Your Prayer Life  New
ABC Advent saints Christmas tree ornaments

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Flash Back Thursday

I first posted this back on December 16, 2004.  I have no idea where it came from, but a quick Google search found it in several places including this one.

Rosie is my only child that still believes in Santa, and she's getting skeptical.  I guess they talked it over in Little Flowers and on the soccer field this fall and several of her friends no longer believe.  Even the cross country kids are doubters!  But Rosie perseveres and I guess that's part of being a homeschooled kid. I have always emphasized that St. Nick is a real person, and that he was a bishop and was even imprisoned for his faith and that is the most important part of the story anyway.

I asked Izzy and Noah how they discovered that Santa doesn't really deliver all of those presents or candy on St. Nicholas Day.  I guess Noah accidentally saw his dad putting candy in the shoes one year and he told Izzy about it.  They were stunned but later figured it was pretty cool that there dad went to all that trouble.  I suppose Rosie will find her own way in this.

And then there's little Miss C...
A Christmas 2005 017

Dear Santa 

I've been a good mom all year. I've fed, cleaned and cuddled my two children 

on demand, visited the doctor's office more than my doctor, sold sixty-two 

cases of candy bars to raise money to plant a shade tree on the school 

playground and figured out how to attach nine patches onto my son's boy 

scout uniform with staples and a glue gun. 

I was hoping you could spread my list out over several Christmases, since I 

had to write this letter with my son's red crayon, on the back of a receipt 

in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows when I'll find anymore 

free time in the next 18 years. 

Here are my Christmas wishes: 

I'd like a pair of legs that don't ache in any color, except purple, which I 

already have and arms that don't hurt or flap in the breeze; but are strong 

enough to pull my screaming child out of the candy aisle in the grocery 


I'd also like a waist, since I lost mine somewhere in the seventh month of 

my last pregnancy. 

If you're hauling big ticket items this year I'd like fingerprint resistant 

windows and a radio that only plays adult music; a television that doesn't 

broadcast any programs containing talking animals; and a refrigerator with 

a secret compartment behind the crisper where I can hide to talk on the 


On the practical side, I could use a talking doll that says, "Yes, Mommy" to 

boost my parental confidence, along with two kids who don't fight and three 

pairs of jeans that will zip all the way up without the use of power tools. 

I could also use a recording of Tibetan monks chanting "Don't eat in the 

living room" and "Take your hands off your brother," because my voice seems 

to be just out of my children's hearing range and can only be heard by the 


If it's too late to find any of these products, I'd settle for enough time 

to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the same morning, or the luxury of 

eating food warmer than room temperature without it being served in a 

Styrofoam container. 

If you don't mind, I could also use a few Christmas miracles to brighten the 

holiday season. Would it be too much trouble to declare ketchup a vegetable? 

It will clear my conscience immensely. 

It would be helpful if you could coerce my children to help around the house 

without demanding payment as if they were the bosses of an organized crime 


Well, Santa, the buzzer on the dryer is ringing and my son saw my feet under 

the laundry room door. I think he wants his crayon back. Have a safe trip 

and remember to leave your wet boots by the door and come in and dry off so 

you don't catch cold. 

Help yourself to cookies on the table but don't eat too many or leave crumbs 

on the carpet. 

Yours Always, (any mother) 

P.S. One more can cancel all my requests if you can keep my 

children young enough to believe in Santa 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The O-Antiphons Start Today!

o antiphons

December 17:

Wisdom that comest out of the mouth of the Most High, that reachest from one end to another, and orderest all things mightily and sweetly, come to teach us the way of prudence!

O Sapientia, quæ ex ore Altissimi prodiisti, attingens a fine usque ad finem, fortiter suaviterque disponens omnia: veni ad docendum nos viam prudentiæ.

December 17, the Church begins the seven Great "O" Antiphons of the liturgy, that date back to the seventh or eighth century. These antiphons are chanted or recited at Vespers, or Evening Prayer, the Antiphon before the Magnificat. They are also the Alleluia verse at the Mass. Each antiphon begins with "O" and include a different Scriptural image through the Old Testament, all imploring the Messiah to come. As Elsa Chaney in Twelve Days of Christmas states, "They seem to sum up all our Advent longing as they paint in vivid terms the wretched condition of mankind and his need of a Savior."

From Dom Gueranger's Liturgical Year via O Night Divine Blog

I love the connection food has in celebration in the liturgical year. It helps everyone remember what the antiphon focuses on and it helps us to focus on a different aspect of preparing to meet Jesus in His nativity. A wee bit of chocolate or some other sweet treat should suffice to honor this particular antiphon!

See Catholic Cuisine for celebration ideas!

More Antiphon information in delicious.

Here is a resource list to help you further your Advent Journey!

December 18:


O Adonai, et Dux domus Israel, qui Moysi in igne flammæ rubi apparuisti, et ei in Sina legem dedisti: veni ad redimendum nos in brachio extento

O sacred Lord of ancient Israel, who showed yourself to Moses in the burning bush, who gave him the holy law on Sinai mountain: come, stretch out your mighty hand to set us free.

December 19

Root of Jesse, which standest for an ensign of the people, at Whom the kings shall shut their mouths, Whom the Gentiles shall seek, come to deliver us, do not tarry.

 O Radix Jesse, qui stas in signum populorum, super quem continebunt reges os suum, quem Gentes deprecabuntur: veni ad liberandum nos, jam noli tardare.

December 20

O Clavis David, et sceptrum domus Israel; qui aperis, et nemo claudit; claudis, et nemo aperit: veni, et educ vinctum de domo carceris, sedentem in tenebris, et umbra mortis.

O Key of David, and Sceptre of the house of Israel, that openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth and no man openeth, come to liberate the prisoner from the prison, and them that sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death.

Come, and deliver him from the chains of prison who sits in darkness and in the shadow of death (Ps 107: 10).

December 21

O Oriens: “O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: come, shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.” Isaiah had prophesied, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shown.” (9:1).

O Rising Dawn (O Oriens): O Rising Dawn, Radiance of the Light eternal and Sun of Justice; Come, enlighten those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death.

December 22

O Rex Gentium: “O King of all the nations, the only joy of every human heart; O Keystone of the mighty arch of man, come and save the creature you fashioned from the dust.” Isaiah had prophesied, “For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon his shoulder dominion rests. They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace.” (9:5), and “He shall judge between the nations, and impose terms on many peoples. They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; one nation shall not raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.” (2:4) .

December 23

O Emmanuel: “O Emmanuel, king and lawgiver, desire of the nations, Savior of all people, come and set us free, Lord our God.” Isaiah had prophesied, “The Lord himself will give you this sign: the Virgin shall be with child, and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel.”

(7:14). Remember “Emmanuel” means “God is with us.”

Father Saunders explains the O Antiphons very clearly here along with the appropriate scripture.

The symbols of the antiphons and explanation here via Catholic Culture

Here are some delightful crafts and antiphon activities!

Catholic Icing

Antiphon Guide from O Night Divine!

Just Another Day In Paradise: O Antiphon Activities

“O Antiphon” House « Our Domestic Church

By Sun and Candleight o' Antiphon House

Heart of My Home
Shower of Roses

St. Athanasias Academy
O Antiphon activities!

Jesse Tree Treasures

O'Night Divine - the symbols, the prayers, and links for the O Antiphons!

Fisheaters has the actual chants in Latin for download!

or get a CD

Tons of good resources at Illuminated Ink!

Also the Christmas Novena can be started today!

Finding Dignity in Death

Last month, Brittany Maynard chose doctor-assisted suicide over aggressive treatment or even palliative care for her brain cancer.  In many television interviews  she gave her reasons for wanting to end her life before the disease ended it for her.  While I found her story to be heartbreaking and sad, her words shocked me and I found them to be deeply offensive.
Five years ago, my mother died from ovarian cancer.  From the beginning of her symptomatology to her death was a time span of about six months.  Mom went through all of the things Ms. Maynard described. Physically she became a shell of her former self as the disease consumed all available body fat as it progressed. She lost the ability to do almost everything including eat.  She was bed ridden and in the end she was in a nursing home under the care of hospice.  My sister and I were with her through it all every day until the very end. I know the death and dying experience well.
Yet I wouldn’t have chosen to end mom’s life earlier with medical intervention.  I also know that if I faced the same type of diagnosis I would live out my life until a natural end – not out of a sense of martyrdom or duty, but because there was so much to learn during the transition from life to death and I found great value and worth in the experience of dying.
In our culture we don’t do entering or leaving this life well.  Birth is medically managed and manipulated as we try to control a natural process – many times messing it up either physically, medically or emotionally.  So I supposed the next frontier of medical care was to try to manage and manipulate death, but just as birth has become more of a medical procedure than a family event, manipulating death robs us of the value and the lessons that come from the natural process.
As Mom became weaker and neared the ending of her life, it gave her time to come to grips with what was happening to her, and it certainly gave my sister and me time to care for her, love her, and understand that we would be facing life without her.  During that time we visited with her, prayed with her, watched as she had little conversations with her nurses and caregivers even after she had quit speaking with us. And although I’m sure there was physical suffering that came through even when the medication was in effect, her body went into a natural deep sleep state for many hours most of the day.  Her life really did slip from one state of being into another by design.
0703dbda-3159-41c2-9dc6-8bb8b06fcb08_zps834ab6b4It was heartbreaking to watch at times.  I remember one day I brought her a bag of popsickles because she couldn’t eat anything else. I sat by her bed as she sat up and tried to take a bite of one.  The frosty treat was too cold for her, or too big for her to handle, and she ended up opening her mouth and letting it slide into my hand.  I couldn’t help but think about all the times that mom had probably caught things from mouth, literally and figuratively, and endured it because that’s what moms do.  I was finally repaying her for her patience with me by trying to be as gracious as she had always been.
Mom’s illness gave her one more chance to love and mother us.  She continued to teach us on her death bed, about patience, kindness and even joy. We talked about what it would be like for her to see her parents and husband again.  She promised that one of the first things she would do in heaven was find my little boy, Raphael. I think that those final acts gave her the reassurance that we were going to be okay, that everything we had to say was said, and that it was okay- she could go to her eternal home ahead of us.  She didn’t lose her dignity because her illness robbed her of her physical abilities – on the contrary she shared her dignity with us. Sometimes as parents we allow her children to experience difficulty so that they can learn a lesson from it.  Being with mom this way kept me learning the many lessons I never dreamed I needed to know, until I needed to know them!
None of us know the future. Our plans and dreams could change in an instant. But as Catholic Christians we know The One who has plans for us and part of that plan includes a physical death and the act of dying.  It’s the last adventure, the final learning opportunity. If we approach death like that, I think it helps to lessen the fear of uncertainty; it makes the promises of “death with dignity” through assisted suicide as empty as they truly are.
“When your days are complete and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your descendant after you” 2 Samuel 7:12

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twas the Tuesday before the O'Antiphons start

Since I made it through four various Christmas concerts and facilitating a wedding at church, I thought it was in the clear for a straight shot towards Christmas!

But it was not to be. Last night I was asked to write a flute part to this lovely piece by Sandi Patty to be played at a baptism this coming Sunday.

It really is a lovely piece, and since the grandmother of the baby was kind enough to sing for my mother's funeral, I feel like this is my chance to return the favor.

But I'm a player, not a composer and this youtube piece is in the key of D and I need it in E flat - so I'll be composing and transposing instead of making Christmas cookies and writing personal Christmas card notes!

masterpiece refrain

At least I got the refrain done so maybe I can get this done faster than I thought.

I plan to have a guide to celebrating the O antiphons up tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can read my latest on 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Simple Woman

Outside my window...

via Rob Vaughn on Flickr - Ohio Group

I am thinking...
how proud I am of my older son and his on-line debate skills.  He is really taking after me on his love of the online debate.  His medium is Twitter.  Look who debated with him last week!
Calvin and gruber

Calvina nd gruber 2

I am thankful...
That Mr. Pete got to spend some time with our oldest, Calvin, at the Brown's game yesterday - even if they lost big time!  And even if he had to miss Lessons and Carols and church to do so.  It was the kind of event that they'll both remember in the years to come - a real "Make a Memory kind of thing.  Calvin had been asking Mr. Pete to go all fall, but there was always something going on, and since yesterday was the last chance to do it, he just did.  Sometimes you just have to.

I am Pondering...

How did we ever let it get to this?

In the kitchen...
Spicy pork chops and potatoes with salad for tonight. Meatloaf tomorrow.

I am wearing...
Black workout pants, black T-, pink hoodie and my blue Christmas Jacket that I bought at a second-hand store last year!  It features stars, reindeer and a cabin with an evergreen - that is NOT a Christmas tree -so technically I can wear this thing all winter!

I am going...
  • to walk or work out every day but Thursday. 
  • Plan my Christmas menu   
  • Finish wrapping presents
  • Get those Christmas cards sent!
  • Practice for my last flute gig- Midnight mass!
From the Learning Rooms...

Truth be told- I'm ready to be done with school for the year!  But we are trudging onward for one more week.
  Noah working on: 
·       Algebra II with our new tutor.
·       British Lit and British History - currently reading Great Expectations.

We also watched the Beowulf movie and laughed about how it is NOTHING like the great epic poem!

·       Biology at home and with co-op.
·       Latin 2
·       Private piano lessons.  Last lesson is this Friday for the year!

Izzy working on:
·       Geometry.
·       American History - Reading the Scarlet Letter 
·       American Literature-
·       Also continuing Diane Craft reading program, spelling and writing.
·       Biology with the co-op and at home.
·       American Sign Language.   
·       Art class.
Rosie working on:
·       Math
·       Reading - Reading Bud No Buddy and also Witch of Blackbird Pondh
·       Spelling
·       Map skills
·       History and
·       Astronomy with the co-op.
·       Also sign language, bible and vocal music with the co-op.
·       Private piano and art
Izzy and Noah doing the Dave Ramsey course to meet their finance requirement for high school.  We are almost done with this course and I have to say it has been excellent- would highly recommend!

One of my favorite things...


Noah performing with the bell choir.

I am hoping to ...
  • Get lots of flute practice done.
  • Getting most of my Christmas shopping done!
  • Getting my Christmas cards out!

I am looking forward to...

  • Getting the last week of homeschooling done before the holidays.
  • Getting the Christmas Tree
  • Midnight mass
A quote to share...
Mark this, you who never think of God,
lest I seize you and you cannot escape;
a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors me
and I will show God’s salvation to the upright.” Psalm 50

 A picture to share...
The four kids who participated in Lessons and Carols at church today!
lessons and carols 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

7- quick takes

Join the other Quicktakers over at "This Ain't the Lyceum" 

Hey before I get into the 7-quick takes, a small reminder that I have my Christmas and Advent Links stuck to the top of this blog for your perusal.  I'd love it if people added other links that they think are interesting or helpful to others.  Please add your links in the linky of that post. 

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Please consider getting your Christmas shopping done via my links in the side bar or in my Amazon Store!

1. Sometimes, in a large family, you forget that you haven't covered everything with your little kids that you covered with your big kids. The sweet potato plant was one of those things.  I was casually washing out some of my glass vases a few months ago and I mentioned how I particularly enjoyed this one big glass vase because my girlfriend had given it to me filled with yellow roses for my 40th birthday AND because when we grew the sweet potato plant you could really see all of the cool roots.

I immediately got blank stares from Noah, Izzy and Rosie.  In fact Gabe had a very vague recollection of it, but Sam and Calvin remembered it right away.  So there was nothing left to do but fill it with water and stick a potato in it.  A few short weeks later we had this lovely growing once more in the glass vase.

December 2014 008

December 2014 011

December 2014 010

2. I am thoroughly enjoying my Advent Wreath this year.  I've changed it up a number of times.

December 2014 007

Immaculate Conception
December 2014 004

Saint Nicholas

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Just for the heck of it!

3. I am having a lot of fun on Instagram these days.  I think it does a beautiful job of letting you edit photos and I love being able to share them instantly with family, friends and followers.   I also enjoy the photos of the folks I'm subscribed to.  This was one of my favorites of Izzy and Miss C. this past week.  I'm sure we'll look back on these in the years to come very fondly and remember what it was like when the kids were teens and their little niece came over every weekday while we were still homeschooling.

Taking a test while holding her niece!  Homeschooling with Charlotte!

You can follow me on Instagram here!

One of my favorite profiles to follow on Instagram - Ballet Beautiful!

4. I inadvertently got into a debate on my facebook page this week.  A while back I blogged about how I avoid showing certain things to certain groups on my Facebook page.  That's super easy on the computer  but apparently not as easy on the Android or Kindle.  When I posted this post to Facebook, I accidentally sent it to all my liberal friends when I meant to do just the opposite! And unfortunately one of my friends decided to debate me on it. Lesson learned - make sure all the controversial stuff gets linked to FB via my computer - not my kindle or phone!

5. Life as I know it, changed permanently last Friday - Noah got his Driver's License!

New drivers license!

What this means for me is that I don't have to be done with homeschooling Rosie at 3 to take Noah to running club- he can drive himself! I also don't have to figure out something fast for dinner on Bell choir and Parish Choir rehearsal night because I don't have to drive to either of those now either! And on piano lesson day, I can actually get other work done because Noah can drive himself and his sister.  I really noticed the extra time this week and enjoyed it very much  -  I might even have more time to blog.

6. I had a wedding this weekend- my last one for the year. This one was particularly interesting because the priest usually does the Latin mass at our church, but this time he just did a simple wedding ceremony in the vernacular.  He was quite a pleasant man to work with too!  I really enjoyed it. The couple was very pleasant as well.

But kids, here's the thing - don't make the people who are working for you track you down to be paid.  The money I make from these weddings goes to pay for art classes or piano lessons - stuff like that for the kids I still have at home.  So although I briefly considered sucking it up and not saying anything about it, (which I have done before) I finally did mention it and it was just... awkward.

7. Another one of my favorites from the concert we performed last weekend - Breath of Heaven

Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today's feast reminds that regardless of our state of life, our wealth or lack of wealth, our sex, education,  or even our age, we all have the opportunity to be of humble service to God. Juan Diego who spoke with the Virgin of Guadalupe was a poor, simple, middle aged Indian man and yet he accomplished great things by saying yes to God by honoring Mary's request.


Juan Diego was very devout and attended Mass and catechism class at the Church in Tlatelolco.Tlatelolco

On December 9, 1531, Juan Diego started for church.  He had to pass by a hill named Tepeyac to get there.  This was an ancient site for goddess worship and human sacrifice.  On this particular day, as he passed by the hill, he heard music and then suddenly a beautiful young woman appeared and called him by name.  She said:

"Dear little son, I love you. I want you to know who I am.
I am the Virgin Mary, Mother of the one true God, of Him who gives life.
He is Lord and Creator of heaven and of earth.
I desire that there be built a temple at this place where I want to manifest Him, make him known,
give Him to all people through my love, my compassion, my help, and my protection.
I truly am your merciful Mother, your Mother and the Mother of all who dwell in this land, and of all mankind,
of all those who love me, of those who cry to me, and of those who seek and place their trust in me.
Here I shall listen to their weeping and their sorrows.
I shall take them all to my heart, and I shall cure their many sufferings, afflictions, and sorrows.
So run now to Tenochtitlan and tell the Lord Bishop all that you have seen and heard."

Tepeyac Hill, Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Juan Diego went to the palace of the Franciscan Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, and long story short- after two more apparitions and at least two miracles, the Bishop Believed Juan Diego and the church was built!

Please see Our Lady of Guadalupe- Mother of the Americas for an excellent telling of the history and story of this feast day!

Quilt hanging in St. Sebastian's Church Akron, OH



 Many years ago, my oldest child, Calvin, painted a tilma for us.  I think he was around 12 or 13 at the time.   It is his own simple design on material I purchased at a fabric store.  That tilma served two purposes - we pulled it out to decorate our home on the Feasts of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

and we also used it for all saints day when my youngest boy was Juan Diego for All Saints Day.


More good reading about Juan Diego in Diigo links.

Today we will celebrate by having Mexican Taco night for dinner. I have an Our Lady of Guadalupe Candle in the center of our table to day as well as these cute salt and pepper shakers that I found at an antique store.  They just reminded me of Juan Diego and Mary!
december 2010 040

Those not interested in the usual taco and burritos for dinner, might like to try a Mexican Casserole like this one!
A spicy (but not too)Mexican casserole for the feast day:Ingredients
1 (10 3/4 ounce) can Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup* 1 1/3 cups water* 3/4 cup uncooked long-grain white rice* 2 cups frozen peas* 4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves* 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese* One package of taco seasoning.* Bag of fritos or Doritos- crushed.
1.1Stir the soup, water, rice, peas and taco seasoning in a 12" x 8" shallow baking dish.2.2Top with chicken. Season chicken as desired. Cover.3.3Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minute or until done. Top with cheese and crushed Fritos or Dorritos.

Since I have been grain free now for over a year, I think I'll try this one for myself!
Follow Elena LaVictoire's board Our Lady of Guadalupe on Pinterest.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Interesting Links of the Week

Hocking Hills shed in winter
Hocking Hills Shed by Mark Fresh on Flickr.

Once in a while I'll find one of these movie trailers that just trigger an emotional response that's very deep and painful - this is one of those trailers.  The featured mom in this clip says so many of the things I lived through and felt during my first birth.  It surprises me that now, 25 years later, women are going through the same kinds of problems trying to have their births. It surprises me even more that I still get emotional about it.

Speaking of emotions, Rep. Lummis's sililoquey on C-span this week is heartfelt tinged with anger and a bit of rage.  Behold - the fruits of the Affordable Care Act.

Here is kind of a "Throwback Thursday" link - a debate I participated in, regarding the pros and cons of swearing, via the very liberal Feministe site.

The St. Andrew Novena is very powerful if you have the endurance to get through it every day during this busy time of year.  Here's testimony to that.

St. Andrew novena

I started praying this novena two years ago. That year, my intention was for God’s will in my relationship with Tyler. Tyler proposed 5 days after the novena ended, and we were married within the year. Last year, my intention was for our first year of marriage, and specifically that we’d be blessed with a baby if that was God’s will. Well, you know how that one turned out. :) (And it looks like I’m not the only one who has gotten a baby from the St. Andrew Novena…)

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