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Mary Queen of Heaven

Coronation of Mary, Queen of Heaven

Queenship of Mary Delicious Links.

Pius XII was instrumental in establishing the Feast of Mary's Queenship. The liturgical Feast of Christ the King honors the kingly dignity of Jesus Christ and was established in 1925 by Pope Pius XI. Mary's royal dignity is parallel, although subordinate, and the Feast of the Queenship of Mary was instituted by Pope Pius XII and her queenship proclaimed with the encyclical letter, Ad coeli Reginam, promulgated on October 11, 1954.

Mary Crowned Queen of Heaven
40. Hence the revered Mother of God, from all eternity joined in a hidden way with Jesus Christ in one and the same decree of predestination,[47] immaculate in her conception, a most perfect virgin in her divine motherhood, the noble associate of the divine Redeemer who has won a complete triumph over sin and its consequences, finally obtained, as the supreme culmination of her privileges, that she should be preserved free from the corruption of the tomb and that, like her own Son, having overcome death, she might be taken up body and soul to the glory of heaven where, as Queen, she sits in splendor at the right hand of her Son, the immortal King of the Ages.

In our home, we will bring the stars out and hang them from our chandelier.  These represent heaven, and they will surround our statue of Mary.  This year we have a different desert in mind for the feast.
August 2012 069

Sunday, August 17, 2014

7-Quick Takes

Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary.

1. Izzy completed her job for the City of Akron Arts Project.  She and her group were able to get two poles completely covered in ceramic tiles (although I haven't seen them yet).  The graduation ceremony they had for the kids was very nice and she got her $400 check too!  All in all, a very good experience for Izzy!
August 2014 003

August 2014 004

August 2014 006

2. Izzy's BFF, T,  was also part of the Summer Arts Experience in the dance program.  They basically took kids with talent but not necessarily training and had them dance all summer.  T loved it! and their performance based on the Great Gatsby was very enjoyable.

August 2014 027

August 2014 019

3.  This is what our table looked like for the Feast of the Assumption. The beautiful Marian statue I found at a tag sale a few years ago for $15 (got it on the half price day).  I placed that in the center along with a tin vase with coral colored daisies (in commemoration of our coral wedding anniversary) and an acrylic container filled with glass we have found on the shores of Lake Erie over many, many visits there over the years!  I think it's a pretty summer table center for the special Marian Feast days in August!
Assumption table centerpiece

4. An other yard sale find this year - this little baby yard angel.  He freaked Rosie out a little bit after watching this episode of Dr. Who, but she likes him now and I think he ads a lot to our garden box in front of the house!

August 2014 043
5.  Got a great new dresser for Izzy's room too at a tag sale this weekend.  They wanted $110 Saturday and the price went down to $90 today, but Mr. Pete wanted to put in a bid of $60.  He did and they accepted!  Now Izzy can organize her room before the new school year starts!

6. 10606618_10152691390341204_8716405055356674559_n
This very eloquent says what I have tried to do in our homeschool experience.

7. The kids went to the local candy store and I couldn't resist snapping this pic of Izzy and Noah and two of the best friends on the street.  As soon as they got back Noah and his friend helped Mr. Pete bring back that dresser for Izzy's room and then all four went to help at the local soup kitchen that was begging for helpers on this warm summer night.  It's times like this that they'll remember. And I'm happy that they've made such good friendships.
Fernwood Friends

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Our 2014/2015 homeschool book list

Rosie Grade 4
Faith and Life 4th grade
Pathway Readers
Saxon Math
Harmony Arts
Brave Writer writing and literature
Spelling USee
Creation Science-  Astronomy
Geography through Literature
Saturday Soccer League
Piano Lessons with Mr. Beshore
Art Lessons Mrs. Lucia
CYO Cross Country Team

Isadora Grade 10
Didache Series
A variety of literature books
American Literature Bob Jones University Press
American Literature James Stobaugh
American History James Stobaugh
Geometry Math USee
Diane Craft Reading Program
American Sign Language Signing Online
Spelling USee
Exploring Creation with Physical Science
A variety of recorded classes from Homeschool Connections
Brave Writer program Writer's Jungle
Harmony Arts
Art Studies at Art Institute
Jewelry Making- Mr. Pete LaVictoire
Parish Choir St. Sebastians
Saturday Soccer League

Algebra II MathUsee
British  Literature - James Stobaugh
Handbook for Literary analysis.
Exploring Creation with Biology
Instacert History
British History - James Stobaugh
Variety of programs at Homeschool Connections including literature
Harmony Arts
Writing Institute
Runkle Geography
Spelling USee
Parish Choir St. Sebastian
Bell Choir
Piano Lessons - Mr. Beshore
Saturday Soccer League
Firestone High School Cross Country and running club

Feast of the Assumption

The Assumption of Mary

On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII


defined the Assumption of the Blessed Mother of God into heaven in the following words: "Wherefore, after we have poured forth prayers of supplication again and again to God, and have invoked the light of the Spirit of Truth, for the glory of Almighty God Who has lavished His special affection upon the Virgin Mary, for the honor of her Son, the immortal King of the Ages and the Victor over sin and death, for the increase of that same august Mother, and for the joy and exultation of the entire Church; by the authority of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by Our own authority, We pronounce, declare, and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma: that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory." Catholic Culture

Assumption Into Heaven

Scripture Catholic has quotations from the early Church regarding this doctrine.
“If the Holy Virgin had died and was buried, her falling asleep would have been surrounded with honour, death would have found her pure, and her crown would have been a virginal one...Had she been martyred according to what is written: 'Thine own soul a sword shall pierce', then she would shine gloriously among the martyrs, and her holy body would have been declared blessed; for by her, did light come to the world."
Epiphanius, Panarion, 78:23 (A.D. 377).
"[T]he Apostles took up her body on a bier and placed it in a tomb; and they guarded it, expecting the Lord to come. And behold, again the Lord stood by them; and the holy body having been received, He commanded that it be taken in a cloud into paradise: where now, rejoined to the soul, [Mary] rejoices with the Lord's chosen ones..." Gregory of Tours, Eight Books of Miracles, 1:4 (inter A.D. 575-593).
"As the most glorious Mother of Christ, our Savior and God and the giver of life and immortality, has been endowed with life by him, she has received an eternal incorruptibility of the body together with him who has raised her up from the tomb and has taken her up to himself in a way known only to him." Modestus of Jerusalem, Encomium in dormitionnem Sanctissimae Dominae nostrae Deiparae semperque Virginis Mariae (PG 86-II,3306),(ante A.D. 634).
"It was fitting ...that the most holy-body of Mary, God-bearing body, receptacle of God, divinised, incorruptible, illuminated by divine grace and full glory ...should be entrusted to the earth for a little while and raised up to heaven in glory, with her soul pleasing to God." Theoteknos of Livias, Homily on the Assumption (ante A.D. 650).
Our Lady fell asleep at last after the yeas of living with St. John and waiting for Heaven, and all the Apostles were gathered about her bed. Except St. Thomas. He was off in India preaching the Gospel and couldn't get back in time although an angel is supposed to have told him to hurry. The Apostles carried her body to the tomb and laid it there and some time afterward they discovered that it was gone. They naturally concluded that it had been taken to Heaven (as indeed it had). Then St. Thomas came home, and when they went out to meet him and to explain, he would not believe. He would not believe, the legend says, until he had seen for himself. So they took him to see where they had laid Our Lady's body and in its place were flowers. Looking up, St. Thomas saw her going up to Heaven; and to convince him at least, an angel brought the girdle she had fastened about her rob, and dropped it to Thomas.

From The Year and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland.

This is a nice day to place a statue of Mary on your table at home and place some beautiful flowers around it with a simple votive candle if possible.  For little kids (or older kids who can't stand to have a candle going without playing with it) the little battery powered votive candles are nice.

August 2013 018

August 2013 009

The whole family could say all the Marian prayers before dinner, and of course be sure to attend mass!
Hail Holy Queen
Hail Mary

August 2012 018
After Mass talk about the celebration with your child. Discuss the meaning of the feast, and why it is important to Catholics. This would be a good opportunity to talk about motherhood, death and heaven -- and to answer questions. (Take advantage of 'teaching moments'!)

Assumption of Mary

My Links on the Assumption of Mary

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St. Maximilian Kolbe

From Patron Saint Index:
Arrested with several of his brothers on 19 September 1939 following the Nazi invasion of Poland. Others at the monastery were briefly exiled, but the prisoners were released on 8 December 1939, and the men returned to their work. Back at Niepokalanow he continued his priestly ministry, The brothers housed 3,000 Polish refugees, two-thirds of whom were Jewish, and continued their publication work, including materials considered anti-Nazi. For this work the presses were shut down, the congregation suppressed, the brothers dispersed, and Maximilian was imprisoned in Pawiak prison, Warsaw, Poland on 17 February 1941.

On 28 May 1941 he was transferred to Auschwitz and branded as prisoner 16670. He was assigned to a special work group staffed by priests and supervised by especially vicious and abusive guards. His calm dedication to the faith brought him the worst jobs available, and more beatings than anyone else. At one point he was beaten, lashed, and left for dead. The prisoners managed to smuggle him into the camp hospital where he spent his recovery time hearing confessions. When he returned to the camp, Maximilian ministered to other prisoners, including conducting Mass and delivering communion using smuggled bread and wine.

In July 1941 there was an escape from the camp. Camp protocol, designed to make the prisoners guard each other, required that ten men be slaughtered in retribution for each escaped prisoner. Francis Gajowniczek, a married man with young children was chosen to die for the escape. Maximilian volunteered to take his place, and died as he had always wished - in service.

 More from the Catholic Culture Site

Saint of the Day

Esther, A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has lots of information on this important saint.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ohio Homeschoolers getting ready to Notify for the 2014/15 school year

Ohio Homeschoolers are trying to get their notifications in before the start of the public school year. I wrote about this a little bit herehere and also here. I'm adding a bit more information.

If you want your child to participate in extra-curricular activities or sports at the local public schools via the new Ohio Law it may be more important than ever to notify early and to be as complete as possible.  As in the past, I have heard of at least one superintendent trying to impose "standards" on a homeschool family so that they can participate, so I believe that homeschoolers might still be under more scrutiny than in years past.

In years past, homeschoolers were required to notify their school district of their intent to homeschool. This year, that law has been amended and homeschoolers are required to notify their superintendents directly. You are informing them; you are not asking for their permission.

The notification form for Ohio Homeschoolers is available here.   This is the standard form for the state. Some school districts (like mine) send their own form.  Just ignore it.  The standard form is compliant with the Ohio law and that's all the school district is really entitled to.  YOU ARE ONLY REQUIRED TO GIVE THE INFORMATION ON THE FORM.  Do not give any additional information like social security numbers.

The first five items on the form are pretty easy to comply with.
1. School year notification this year is for 2011 - 2012.
2.  Name, address and phone number
4.  Full name and birth date of children to be educated.
5.  Check mark to assure that home education will include: language, reading, spelling and writing, geography, history - national state and local, math, science, health, physical education, fine arts, including music, first aid, safety and fire prevention.

I interpret that to mean that sometime, during home education, I will have touched on all of that and hopefully more - like government and world history.  It does not mean that I will touch on everything in great depth every year.  Even the schools do not do that.

However, in the past I have run into a little trouble with the #6 in the list of required documents.

(6) Brief           outline of the intended curriculum for the current year. Such outline is for           informational purposes only

I wasn't sure what a "brief"outline was exactly?  Wouldn't my list of books and resources pretty much suffice as an outline of what I hoped to cover?  No.  Because when I sent I sent in just the book list with the forms, I got a letter back that they needed an outline. For years, I took every textbook with me down to Kinkos and copied all of the tables of content.  It was a lot of work, a lot of money and a lot of paper! Plus, I'm pretty sure they never even looked at them as I totally forgot to put Calvin's math book contents in with the packet one year and no one ever questioned it!

So a few years ago I tried putting the list on line with links to each book like this. In my cover letter I mentioned that this was to be my "brief outline."  That's the year I learned they don't read the cover letters either.  I got a form letter in the mail a few days later asking for my outline.

What to do?    I wanted something I wasn't going to slave over, something that wouldn't require LOTS of copying and would satisfy the regulations.  That's when I found the Typical Course of Study Site by the folks at the World Book Encyclopedia!

They have all of the grades through 12th grade and they are easily copied and pasted into a word document where they can be easily adjusted and changed to meet your needs.  They met the requirement of a "brief outline" for my school district!  If you're a newbie in Ohio, or if your state requires an outline, maybe this will work for you too.

There are other options too. The Ohio Department of Education Standard Guides are available through grade 8. This isn't as easy to use for a quick cut and paste, but for parents that want to come up with a good outline, this is a useful tool.

For high school, The Ohio Department of Education Graduation Requirements are here, although that doesn't really help much in creating an outline.  I found a wonderful high school program with great course descriptions and outlines that could be helpful in designing outlines for Ohio notification.  Also see  these very well done course outlines!

A few  years ago,  I also purchased Cindy Down's Check list.  Here's a summary:

The Checklist contains 194 pages and includes:

step-by-step directions

a checklist (scope and sequence) of topics that students study from K - 12th grade. Unlike other scope and sequences, The Checklist is not organized by grade level. Instead, the topics are listed sequentially or by subject matter so that you can teach the subjects you want, when you want. For example, the history topics are listed by time period from creation through modern times; the math topics are listed by skill development; and the science topics are listed within subtopics such as oceanography, astronomy and meteorology.

lists of major events, important people, important places, discoveries and accomplishments, and/or terms to know for each history topic.

lists of important people related to each topic along with their country of birth, date of birth and death, and a brief description of their contribution.

lists of explorers of the world, countries of the world, U.S. symbols, U.S. States and capitols with their abbreviations and the dates they entered the Union.

lists of well-known authors, artists, musicians, and missionaries

recommended books for primary and secondary students (both American and world literature)

lists of reading, math skills, writing skills, grammar skills, art skills, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

There is no need to purchase more than one copy. There is room on The Checklist to keep records for two or three children. Purchaser is granted permission to make copies of The Checklist for additional children, if needed. (This permission is restricted to purchaser's immediate family.)

I have this on my computer and can print out any pages we are working on at the time.  This too is a good resource for coming up with the required Ohio outline.

Speaking of lists - The Homeschooler's Book of Lists    is also a very good resource for making up an outline to send in for notification.  It could be photocopied or just hand typed in.

For #7 I make a list of the books and courses that I am going to use. There are sample book list is here and here.  As I save the list on my computer making changes to it every year is a snap - but for large famlies I advise keeping a copy of what you do every year so that as a new child enters a grade you have covered with an older child, you can look back and see what you ahve done and you won't be starting over!

Make sure if you are re-notifying to include your composite test results.  You do NOT have to send in the entire test, just a copy that shows the name of the child and the composite score.  If you did not test, then the written narrative signed by your portfolio reviewer needs to be included. 

When all that is done then,  the following will be sent in to the superintendent

___Notification Form - completed and signed.

___Curriculum Outline for each child.

___Book list for each child.

___Standardized Test results for each child or

___Narrative Assessment for each child.

Put it all in a big envelope and send it in certified mail or hand deliver it to the superintendent's office requesting a receipt.

Have a great homeschooling year Ohio!

Check out my Homeschooling Page at the top of this blog.
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Here are two parts of a speech I gave back in June of 2012. The part about notification starts at 7:35 on the first video and continues on the second.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

7-quick Takes

  Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary.

1.  Sticks and stones and all of that, but no one can say my kids have a problem with "socialization."

This summer my youngest has voluntarily gotten on stage to take part in a dance demonstration.
 photo 5946d3b9-f578-4f04-a7b6-70a3d53b8d4a_zpsa927fe06.jpg

 photo 6af97165-97c9-428b-9774-f00b6148ca5d_zpsaa737157.jpg

Volunteered to be in the library science programs
 photo 017eff99-5372-49fd-a6bf-bb40b42d5ad7_zps17d17753.jpg

and gave as good as she got when it came to good natured ribbing from her 1st cousin twice removed (and about 7 decades older) Jerry.

Jerry and Rosie
 photo 3843b034-874b-4aff-abb6-f7993f601b4c_zps0e72e958.jpg

She also looked into Aunt Dot's eyes and told her she loved her and wanted to spend the week in her house someday.
 photo 03c96589-022a-46f3-a7ca-0ec6bb03ea67_zps718264c5.jpg

Made fast friends and played with her third cousin too!

 photo d9423b35-510d-491f-9839-973cf86a67d5_zps4ada2841.jpg

I've failed in many things in my life, - but not with this kid. and not in that way.

2.  Manistee Michigan is beautiful.  I highly recommend it as a vacation spot.  Our first night there we watched this beautiful big boat float down the Mighty Manistee River and go passed the draw bridge.


 photo b72c9ce3-f6e1-4534-85ca-cca4d2e7fcb5_zps9f451a3a.jpg


From our camp site we could see this boat, The City of Milwaukee,  docked in the city.
 photo 81a07f1b-89ea-4de8-bf1c-2bb03ee44457_zps6ae74966.jpg

and we got to tour it the next day.
 photo f3e81cec-a455-4b22-b0c5-8c2b097f4882_zps41701716.jpg

 photo 72f6f2fa-84f5-4652-a18e-4831f85655a0_zps5b974860.jpg




They are trying to keep the boat as a part of our Great Lakes Heritage and their biggest fund raiser is the Halloween Ghost Ship!  SO here's my plug for that!

City of Milwaukee ghost ship promotion

3.  We spent a few days camping.  Here is our site with our two big tents.
 photo b829324d-9c02-41f4-8c9d-47ccb08a4267_zpse6772693.jpg

Walking along in Bear Creek.
 photo f4c10009-d30c-485f-b806-bfe4862bc592_zps0753176b.jpg

Making bubbles with newly discovered cousins at the family reunion.
 photo 354b1b54-0b7b-4d7b-b763-17cbf6471e08_zps8a9b9a83.jpg

Good food and fellowship - 66 family members showed up this year!

Leckrone reunion 2014

4.  One of my cousins had these pictures to share. My great grandparents had 10 children - 4 boys and 6 girls.  Here are the ladies, Mary, Opal (who is somewhat infamous on this blog), Grace and my beloved Aunt Dot.
Aunts Mary, Opal, Grace and Dorothy

Not exactly sure of the brothers, but I know my grandpa is the second one from the right.  Look how happy and united they look!
The Leckrone Brothers

5. I heard  Megan Scheibner speak at the last homeschool convention.  She has a lot of adult children now all over the country and she talked about how she will send out a group text every day to all of them, and then watch them text each other all day on her phone.

I really, really liked that idea and I would like to start it with my older kids, but I'm not sure how to get it started. I'd like my kids to be as close as my grandpa and his siblings.  They must have been very close knit for that love of family to have trickled down to through their children and grandchildren so much!

Maybe I'll start texting them by sharing that photo!

6.  I passed my first college course in about 23 years.  It wasn't that tough- just time consuming.  Still debating about whether I want to dig in or not this fall - I have so many other commitments.

Still its nice to know that if I want to do it - I still can!

7.  My wedding anniversary is this weekend and Izzy wants to bake me a cake.  Of course it would have to be gluten free/grain free cake, so that will need preparation.  So Izzy was sitting there reading the ingredients that she will need off to me so that I could get them at the store -

almond flour
apple cider
coconut oil

I'm writing it all down- and then it hit me - she's reading, TO ME from the cookbook, without any problems at all.  And when I mentioned to her how well she was reading she said, "Mom, it's a cookbook!  I can read anything about cooking and baking!"

And I know that doesn't seem like a big deal but it is.

It reminded me about a story that Julie Bogart wrote in her Bravewriter book about her daughter - a girl like Izzy who also struggled to read and it clicked with her after e-mailing back and forth with her grandmother!   Some kids, just need something a little different to get them going.  For Julie's daughter it was her grandmother. For my daughter - it was learning to bake and cook!

July, August, Gabe's birthday, family reunion 2014 001

 photo 77f0a3e8-9e53-4323-b72d-001dee59aa28_zpse0317812.jpg

 photo ff70427c-3716-4eed-8d52-ece00100e9b0_zpsee78c5c3.jpg
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