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Disclosure Statement

I am a Catholic wife and homeschooling mother. I write about my own experiences and knowledge and express my own opinions. Take that for what it is. Your experiences will vary. .

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In the interest of full disclosure, I have affiliate advertising relationships with numerous organizations. I receive commission from affiliate partners when readers click, buy, print or shop their offers. This helps to provide income for my family. It's also a nice reward for the time I put into this site. It's mostly a labor of love but it's nice to get a little compensation.  My Domestic Church also contains paid advertising through a relationship with BlogHer, LinkShare,  The Home Scholar, Child 1st,  Bravewriter, and Google Ad networks. I am paid for each impression of their advertising that appears on

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In the future I hope to also have my own products available for sale and will be linking to my husband's business as well. 

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Please interact with the site by clicking, registering and buying affiliate offers here, as that is how I am compensated for my time.