Being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom with lots of children can be a lonely job. Back in 1998 I finally got on the internet and found that I enjoyed discussing and debating issues and events on AOL message boards and other forums. But I quickly discovered that posting an unpopular or minority view on such forums was a good way to get ostracized or banned. Then I discovered blogging. The idea that I could blog about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and that I couldn't be banned for supporting the Church, or my conservative pro-life views was rewarding!

This blog has also been a snapshot of my life. Since starting in 2003 a lot of my life has been recorded here including my stillbirth, getting my son, (a charter school student) on the local high school swim team, the birth of a daughter to me at age 46, homeschooling, the loss of my mother, and my Catholic faith. 

I've been married almost 35 years, in a row, to the same man, who I call Mr. Pete on this blog.  I have six children here ages 9 to 25 who have all been homeschooled from the start.  My oldest now works as a paramedic. My second and third sons found full time work in the worst economy since the great depression - so that's something! And last year we became grandparents to a very sweet baby girl.

 I support natural childbirth and breastfeeding, but I have also experienced three Cesareans. 

I've certainly had my share of controversy on this blog, and some have said this blog was unpopular and I should quit, but I happily achieved a Google Rating of 5 in 2010 before they changed the algorithm , and am grateful for each new blog subscriber.

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