My Lent 2019 Book List Plans

Is this the year you really want to dive into Lent? Do you want to come out of this Lenten Season and truly feel that you've had a small share of living in the desert with Christ for 40 days? I know that I do. Maybe it's an upcoming birthday that's making me have more of a now-or-never type of attitude towards Lent. Or maybe I just acutely feel the necessity of truly modeling this for my children, and living it with my husband. Whatever it is, these are the books and resources I'm going to use this Lent to really LIVE the season from Ash Wednesday all the way through to Easter Vigil. Look them over. If something looks helpful to you, use it. If it inspires you, go with it. I hope all of these bless and encourage you.

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1.The Links to r…

7-Quick Takes

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum.

This content uses referral links. That means if you make a purchase or click a link, I may make a small commission - just enough to support my diet coke habit. And there is no extra charge to you. It's a win/win! Read our disclosure policy for more info.

It's October - or as they say at my house- Inktober!  The girls are busy trying to ink some art every single day this month. They are so dedicated too and I am really enjoying it. I'm hoping Izzy will share some of hers on her Instagram page. Here's one. 


And here's Rosie's.


2.  I noticed that my granddaughter, Miss C. has a keen eye for patterns and can remember how words look. She knows what her name looks like, even though she can't identify all of the letters in her name. So I decided to start teaching her some sight words along with teaching regular phonics. I figured since I really only get her one day a week for regular academics this might help speed up the process.  I use flashcards from Child First Publications. They are unique because they don't put a word under the picture, but actually in the picture. For some reason, this really helps the student to impress that word into their memory. That's the theory anyway and it sure worked for us. 

Longtime readers might remember that I did this with my struggling right-brained reader with great success. I have posts and videos on that here. 

With Miss C. I am starting with the days of the week and months of the year to tie it in with what she is doing in Saxon Kindergarten. 

As I blogged earlier, Rosie had a terrible race last weekend and her worst placement since last year finishing 37th. She really just gave up. But we have talked about it and tried to figure out what happened. 

This week at practice I saw Rosie running with a determination that I haven't seen all season. She was fast and fierce. Now if she can just race like that this weekend it will be great! 

cross country Hudson HS 2018 035

My son Sam is opening a restaurant this month in Akron. It's called NomzAkron. It's about eating good fast seasonal food and it's in a really happening market place with lots of traffic. Mr. Pete has been working over there to set up drywall and painting. They are also on Instagram and you can follow NomzAkron here. 
nomzakron's profile picture

My girls were less than impressed with Mary Lou Retton being on Dancing with the Stars until I explained to them who she was. Then I explained to them that she has had two hip replacement surgeries! And now we are all totally team Mary Lou! (although we have a couple of other favorites as well!)

Awesome performance and what an inspriation for us over 50 set!

I posted a little bit about this on my Facebook page yesterday. I was walking my dog, Sophie, yesterday morning. We have a route that we usually follow that takes us by some pretty houses and a nice park-like area. But as I was walking yesterday I noted that I would not be able to go back the same way because the city was using tree trimmers to cut branches out of the trees that were growing in between wires. So Sophie and I headed through a little park area up to the main street and started to walk home that way.

For Sophie, this must have been a cornucopia of new smells and sounds because her nose was sniffing just about everything it could every couple of feet or so. When we finally got to a corner, I started to go across because we had the right of way and the pedestrian sign was giving me permission to cross. But suddenly I was snapped back because my dog found something new and interesting to sniff. 

I gave her leash a tug, saw that I still had the right of way, and started across once more. Just then, a car turned the corner and ran right into me. It was actually more of a nick, but I fell down anyway because Sophie was still on her smelling quest and I was off balance anyway. I wasn't hurt (although my dignity was somewhat bruised) and the car sped off. The lady waiting at the light was laughing though. I'm sure I was quite a sight. I also make an ugly guttural type of scream when I'm surprised like that. It could have been much, much worse. I think the fact that the car had to slow somewhat for the turn and that I had just barely entered the intersection helped. This is the second time I have had a close encounter with a car as a pedestrian. Both times I became an ungraceful SPLAT but remained unhurt. The last time I did put a pretty good dent in the hood of the car with my flute case! 

7.   The Friday Freebie

Does homeschooling high school seem scary? It was a little scary for me too. But Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, put my fears to rest with her easy manner and attitude! Now you can let her put your mind at ease, too, by attending her newest live, free workshop! 

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make Homeschooling High School
October 24th at 1:00 PM
October 26th at 11:00 AM PST
In this workshop, learn how to identify and avoid the big blunders repeated by countless homeschool parents: 
**  The First Mistake may cripple your plans if your child ever changes their mind (and what teenager doesn't?)
** The Second Mistake may leave your child unprepared for college
** The Third Mistake may result in the loss of thousands of dollars in financial aid
** The Fourth Mistake may cause your child to be lost in the crowd during college admission
** The Fifth Mistake may render your child unable to gain admission to the college of their dreams.

Lee will discuss the 5 biggest blunders parents make when they start homeschooling high school. Avoid errors in college preparation, course planning, test preparation, developing passions, and record keeping.

This content uses referral links. That means if you make a purchase or click a link, I may make a small commission - just enough to support my diet coke habit. And there is no extra charge to you. It's a win/win! Read our disclosure policy