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Outside My Window

Rosie navigating a fallen tree on Bear Creek!

I am thinking...

I am thankful...

Leckrone Reunion 2018

We had a smaller reunion this year, but we still had it!  Here is everyone that attended this year. Miss C was the youngest at age 4 and Aunt Dot is the reigning matriarch looking lovely at 99.

I am pondering...
how quickly that vacation went! All that planning and anticipation and then POOF!! it's a memory

One of my Favorite Things...

August 2018 131
Three of my favorite ladies playing at the playground on the shores of Lake Michigan

I am hearing...
the hum of the air conditioner.

In the kitchen...
The kids want to try shish kabobs tonight. We had them over vacation and it was great.

I am wearing...
Capri pants with paint stains all over them and a brown T-shirt because I am determined to get some painting done today.

I am going...
  • Walking, exercising, weight lifting and ab work as much as possible. I can walk 2 1/2 miles in about an hour but I think my knee is loosening up enough that I might be able to hit 3 before the end of summer and possibly 4 before the cold sets in. I still can't jump though.
  • The biggest projects I am working on right now include finishing the registration for our homeschool co-op which appears to be an ongoing job because we are now getting the last minute registrations. I have also taken over the treasurer position in our support group because our regular treasurer is sick. And we moved our support group to our own forum. 
  • add some additional novenas next year with the help of
  • to cut my carbs via the Wheat Belly Total Health: The Ultimate Grain-Free Health and Weight-Loss Life Plan recommendations and Intermittent Fasting.  
  • Practicing the Bach Sonata for flute alone. 
  • Firming up my class for Physical Science in my co-op. I have to determine how much to charge for materials. 
  • Give my editor more information for my book proposal. 
  • Getting ready to coordinate one more wedding and then I am officially done for the year. 
  •  I will brush up on my high school record keeping skills since Rosie is now in 8th grade. This will be a good year to get all of that locked down because next year, it really starts to count! This free Webinar will be my first stop!

  •  I will be listening to lectures from the 2018 Homeschool Mom's Conference - with a particular interest in the Work From Home Track. I'm also taking a new affiliate marketing course from Pajama Affiliates and auditing a teacher's writing class. 

From the Learning Rooms...


10 Week Shakespeare course that I bought during the Build-Your-Bundle Sale!  She will be spending 5 hours a week doing:

    Keep track of how much time is spent on each activity (reading, watching, writing, etc.) with the Log Sheet.
    We went to Oberlin to see a real live Shakespearean play performed professionally - and it was free! The play was three hours long but the time flew by. I am convinced that one of the secrets to a successful production is a simple set!

    I'm going to be reviewing this course in a few weeks. 

    We are particularly enjoying this book 

    I am also preparing for this online course for 10 weeks this fall. Ana is uniquely qualified to teach this course. She lived in Jerusalem for 5 years. She studied at the Hebrew University for two years and graduated from the Isreal College of the Bible with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Judaic Studies. 

    The course covers 
    - The Alef-Bet (Hebrew alphabet)
    - Numbers
    - Colors
    - Shapes
    - Greetings
    - Basic vocabulary
    - Biblical vocabulary
    - Hebrew songs

    In only 10 weeks students will be able to read, write and speak Hebrew for beginners and have basic conversations.

     I am going to be having Miss C. five days a week this fall to homeschool along with Rosie. I really want us to get more into a  Bravewriter Lifestyle, particularly movie day and tea time! I found a lovely tea set for me and Rosie to use and I want to find a few more cups for Miss C. (just in case she accidentally breaks one.)

    Rosie has become a prolific writer by following a Bravewriter philosophy and I want to pass that on to Miss C who also writes prolifically, although only she knows what she is writing!

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    Leckrone Reunion 2018

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