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The Prayer Basket - praying for souls in purgatory

When my mother passed away in 2009, I discovered that all of her prayer books had little holy cards in them. Mom saved them so that she could pray for those people. I was starting to have quite a collection of such cards myself! But I wanted a more centralized way to keep these momentoes. I also wanted to be able to keep them in a special way so that I would remember to pray for them.

November 2017 033

That is how I came up with a prayer basket to hold all of these special cards.

November 2017 028

I picked the one pictured because it reminded me of autumn and winter. I also liked the asymmetry and unfinished look of it.

November 2017 027

Then I carefully filled it with prayer cards and even obituaries.

During the month of November, I keep this basket on our counter with a candle lit beside it. This reminds us all to pray for our loved ones during this month.

November 2017 026

Here are some of those very special cards.

holy cards 008 holy cards 009

November 2017 034

November 2017 036November 2017 037

November 2017 039November 2017 040

November 2017 041November 2017 042

November 2017 045November 2017 046

November 2017 051