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7-Quick Takes

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Starkey - Captain Hook's crew
Tonight is Rosie's big theatrical debut. She plays the role of Starkey- one of Captain Hook's pirates in Peter Pan. She is so excited about it!!

2.  Izzy has been more behind the scenes. She made two panels of wallpaper for the Darling's Nursery set in Scene 1.  It took her hours!!
For the nursery at the Darlings house!

She also made a cake for the after party- a crocodile pull-apart cake!
Captain Hooks nightmare cake!

Grrrrrowwwwllll!!!!   Grrrrrrr

As her mother and high school teacher, it's my job to find activities and projects that she can excel in. I think she did a great job working on this play and on opening night, she is also going to be on stage crew helping with the lights!

And just because we like to add a little extra stress to our weekends, tomorrow Mr. Pete and Izzy are taking an 8-hour long blacksmithing course. I can't wait to see what those two decide to do after that!

5.  Noah is done with his Freshman year of college. Not too shabby!
Screenshot 2017-05-05 14.54.45

6. Follow up books to Peter Pan.  We listened to Peter and the Starcatchers last summer and it was wonderful.  Think we'll review that and then listen to the others in this delightful series once our play is done!

7.  Best news of the week - my best friend's son is back from Afghanistan!  Welcome home Sargent Young!
Audy's return

Birthday Cupcake Delivery