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Outside my window...
Magnolia tree
My beautiful magnolia tree - before the snow came Saturday night and killed it!

I am thinking...
About plans for next year's homeschooling- Izzy's senior year and Rosie in 6th grade.  It will be my one and only year with just the two girls to think about.

I can say that Izzy's health class is going to include information about natural fertility awareness, and pregnancy and childbirth.  It may also include a self-defense course and gun safety - it will be a very, very unique course!

I am thankful...
For all the years that God did allow me to homeschool.  I made a lot of mistakes, but I think we also had a lot of successes too.

In the kitchen...

I am wearing...
My workout clothes - getting ready to take a shower and start the day.

I am reading...

I am pondering...
one of my sons is going to be travelling all over the United States this summer by car - and this terrifies me. Long time readers might remember my somewhat high familiarity with terrible car accidents. (See here,  here, here, here, and here!).  The only person who has an inkling of this is my sister- and she absolutely won't even discuss it because it really is a horrible familiarity with traffic fatalities!

But Mr. Pete doesn't get it, and my 20-something year old sons absolutely don't get it - because in their minds, they are immortal!

I anticipate a new found familiarity with my rosary and more grey hair coming my way before September.

I am going...
From the Learning Rooms...

In the homestretch now!  Only three more weeks of chemistry with Co-op and World History will be over first week of May - (Although the AP test is the middle of May!)
20 Years of Homeschooling!

Noah- Senior


Rosie 5th grade
Partnership Writing
  • Prairie Primer  Starting 
  • Spelling 
  • Geography
  • Anatomy and Physiology - starting the integumentery system this week.
Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology   -     By: Jeannie Fulbright
  • Choir- co-op
  • Art Class

One of my favorite things...

april 2016 016 first track meet

A quote to share...
Where most men work for degrees after their names, we work for one before our names: 'St.' It's a much more difficult degree to attain. It takes a lifetime, and you don't get your diploma until you're dead.
Mother Angelica

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A picture to share...
I planted purple tulip bulbs and so far I have only gotten red tulips - and they were also covered with snow!  Hopefully they will persevere and continue to bloom brightly for a while!