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Getting the Most of the Rest of Lent - TBT

So we're heading into the last several weeks of Lent and you feel like you haven't done as much or been as penitent as you wanted to be? A bite of chocolate here, a sip of beer there, sleeping too late and not getting in those morning prayers , sneaking a peak at a t.v. show?

Well we are coming to the Grand Finale- the last two weeks of Lent and it's not too late to get something out of this Lenten season and to make it beneficial and memorable!

1. Redouble on those efforts! Sometimes this "giving something up for Lent" thing is a little like a diet - we all fall of the wagon sometime! But just as serious weight watchers have to jump back on the program ASAP, so do we have to jump back into our Lenten resolutions. What ever you determined to give up (or do) wake up tomorrow on this Monday before Palm Sunday and be resolute and determined to stick to it this week!

2. No matter what, keep up with the scripture readings in these next two weeks. This will truly prepare your heart and soul for the climax of the Easter triduum. Miss a day- make it up the next!!

3. Do a good examination of conscience and get to confession this week or next! Here is a good examination of conscience for mothers.One from Father Pat
Examination of Conscience from the late great Father Hardon.

Father Alberione's examination of conscience.
Some for children by Catholic Parents.

4. Do something for someone else. This week we are going to make cookies for the hunger center. They requested some cookies to put in the bag lunches and we have a great oatmeal cookie recipe.

5. Do the stations of the cross, either with a group or by yourself or even on line.  Also here
Stations of the cross at
St. Francis Stations of the Cross.
A very nice one on Youtube from the Diocese of Manchester.
A way of the cross for the poor souls in purgatory. 

The one I love to use in print form is Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls.

6. Spend some time in these next two weeks reflecting on your life so far. See where you were and how far you've come. And take a look into the future. This is why I much prefer the words "Man you are dust and to dust you shall return" at Ash Wednesday. It is a reminder to us that this is not permanent. None of it, so we have to prepare every day bit by bit by reforming and shaping our lives now.

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