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Outside my window...
November 2012 160

I am thinking...
about the irony of today.  Pete and I have to be at the vigil mass for the Feast of The Immaculate Conception - but the kids have to sing with choir about 20 minutes away!  So even though we have a chance to all be at the same mass - we can't be.

I also have to figure out a way to get them there because I don't feel comfortable with Noah driving a car full of kids at night on unfamiliar roads.

This means of course, that the kids will have to go to mass on Tuesday- and that means we get to take little Miss C. - and I am secretly looking forward to that!  We'll probably go to the pretty church downtown, which I imagine must look pretty big and awesome to a little girl.

I am thankful...
to be part of the Peace Together Choir. I feel that I am challenged to use my musical talents with a group of gifted musicians. It just fills a spot in my life that doesn't necessarily get filled otherwise. 

In the kitchen...
Probably pork steaks tomorrow and possibly white chili on the Feast Day.

I am wearing...
Black boots, black skirt, white long-sleeved T- concert attire.

I am reading...
Annette Funicello was a very gifted singer, dancer and actress who lived with MS for years before she died. She had one of the very extreme forms of that disease and her book covers how she faced her disease practically and with dignity.

I am pondering...
How to get through the next few weeks before Christmas!   Shopping is almost done, but there are cards to write and two more concerts to play, as well as the actual masses for Christmas.

And I'm a little worried that we might have another terrorist attack before the end of the year.

I am going...
From the Learning Rooms...
20 Years of Homeschooling!

Noah- Senior

Rosie 5th grade
Partnership Writing
Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology   -     By: Jeannie Fulbright
  • Choir- co-op
  • Art Class

One of my favorite things...

lavictoire family at the wedding

Christmas Card Picture for this year!

A quote to share...

“Every story ever told really happened. Stories are where memories go when they’re forgotten.”

Dr. Who 

A video  to share...
from yesterday's concert.