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A Story for my Granddaughter

I collected some pictures and wrote a story for my granddaughter and I'm giving it to her and her mother this Christmas.

Once upon a time, when Charlotte was a wee little girl, she was asked to do something very big. She was asked to be the flower girl for Uncle Calvin and Aunt Sarah's wedding on July 11, 2015.
calvin's wedding 002

But Charlotte wasn't just an ordinary flower girl - no, she got to carry a sign that alerted Uncle Calvin and all of the wedding guests that Aunt Sarah was about to walk down the aisle to become Uncle Calvin's Bride!

Charlotte took her job very, very seriously. She bravely but sweetly walked between her Aunt Izzy and Aunt Rosie all the way down the 150 foot aisle!



After the wedding she posed like a big girl with the rest of the bridesmaids!

calvin's wedding 066

calvin's wedding 064

calvin's wedding 059

Charlotte's mama had made her pretty dress. It looked very beautiful on the outside and it was very, very comfortable on the inside. Charlotte loved her dress and had a great time in it, feeling very comfortable, all day long!
calvin and sarah's wedding jennings picturs 002
Her daddy was so proud of her!

At the reception Charlotte was the bell of the ball, and definitely one of the top 5 dancers!

Her whole family was so proud of her!
lavictiore family 2015
And Charlotte's grandma thought of her own mama and grandma, and knew they would be looking down from heaven with love at this beautiful little girl on this very special day.

calvin and sarah's wedding jennings picturs 003

At the end of the year, Santa thought Charlotte had done a great job too!