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My best of - in Social Media!

Sometimes I look at my stats on my different social media accounts, and it really cracks me up! Things that get the most hits and are the most popular are never the ones that I expect!! Thought I'd share some of that on the blog today.

Most popular Tweet!

From all of my Instagram shots, and even from the wedding, this picture has the most likes!  Well, she is adorable in this, but it's still surprising.

swimming 059
Of all my Flickr photos, this is #1, without editing, cropping or anything!

The most pins? This one!

On my Youtube channel, this Christmas piece has the most views!

And #1 on the blog (with even a Google Page Rank!) is this oldie from 2004 -
Birth Control and the Catholic Church

And from Amazon - best selling book:

Anything from the Prove It Series:

and for music: