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Izzy did this painting last fall.  I love the colors, and I especially love the addition of the little villages in the side bars.
izzy fall sea scape

2. While Izzy was working on that picture. Rosie did this one. I like to think it's an inside view of the little village in Izzy's picture. At least the roofs are the same color.  This is the most complicated piece Rosie has ever worked on - she started around Thanksgiving time and just finished it!  So now I have these two pieces that are really sister paintings, done by sisters!
rosie's village

january 2015 040
The best thing about my granddaughter right now is the way she lets me take her picture, just about every day.  She's also very adept at taking selfies

But the best thing about her phase of life right now is how she is so generous with her kisses!  She kisses all of us when she gets to our house, she kisses the dog and cat, she kisses pictures, she kisses her toys - she's just very, very affection.

She even had some kisses for her Uncle Cal when he came to visit this week, and when her future-Aunt Sarah called during the visit, she kissed the phone!  I just love how she loves.  Sooo much!


4. Long-time readers will remember that I have been taking pictures of my children's cross country teams for quite a few years now, and then saving them on Flickr or other sites so that parents can get running action pictures of their children to keep as mementos.

One of the moms was clearing files on her computer and came upon a picture I took of her son Dave. Dave and his friends loved the photo so much they started doing things with it- and  Dave-Pics-Pro on Instagram was born.

david vs. train. (1)

David bond

david vs. train. (1)

And this was from the super bowl!

It's really one of the better feeds to subscribe to on Instagram!

5. The measles are still in the news this week, but that should be leaving the headlines very soon.  Why? Because measles just aren't that big a deal.  There hasn't been a single death from this latest outbreak. In fact there hasn't been a death from measles in this country since 2003.

Here are some interesting links on the topic.
14 things to consider about Measles.
 My post from back in July about Catholics and dealing with the MMR which is tainted with aborted fetal cell lines.
Another post on getting the Vaccination Presentation Right
and this one blaming Merck for continuing to use these morally objectionable vaccines.
And I had a good chuckle over this one - Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated to Train Parents! - thought so! Only my first child was on anything even close to the vaccination schedule of the time and he was the sickest baby.

6. Apparently I am not the only baby boomer who ever had a mild case of measles.  Before we did such a good job of using propaganda to scare the  masses, most people considered measles a mild disease. Popular shows t.v. shows bear that out.

Oh No Measles

7.  This is my current favorite for my mother-of-the-groom dress! I'll have to make a decision by next week I think, but I really like this dress so much, I might even get it in black too!
Simple Mother of the Bride Dress with Cowl Neckline, Quality Unique Mother of the Bride Dresses -