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Remembering 2014 12 in 2014

12 in 2014
House Unseen

This is kind of fun. The House Unseen Blog  is inviting bloggers to link 12 photos from 2014 as a retrospective of the previous year.  So here goes.

In January, I finally bought a new cabinet to organize all of the music I had and that I inherited from my mother.  It housed the music nicely and matched the piano too!  Now a year later, I have to re-organize it, but at least it's in one spot!
January 2014 010

In February, Izzy took the last Wilton Cake Decorating Course and came home with this beautiful cake decorated with these amazing flowers!

Izzy's latest cake

In March Izzy had a congenital tumor removed from her foot.  To get ready for surgery, she reclaimed a bedroom that her brothers had trashed, cleaned  and painted it in one weekend!  She had a very nice place to recuperate, and her surgery went well too.
Izzy resting

In April I started having three girls around the house regularly!  My daughters and my baby granddaughter.
Girls and Grand on a hike beside the Cuyahoga River on a nice spring day.

In May, Izzy finished this beautiful piece in her art class.

In the summer of 2014, the family started watching Dr. Who on Netflix.  To celebrate her birthday, Izzy made a Tardis Cake!

The baby finally got baptized in August!

September saw the return of cross country and unexpectedly, Noah found himself running varsity!

A photo posted by Elena LaVictoire (@elliemom26) on

and in October, Calvin and Sarah FINALLY got engaged.

The fall brought regular hikes with the homeschoolers.  My three ladies went every week.

And we rounded out the year by getting another teen driver!  My life got a lot easier!
New drivers license!