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My Sheenazing Picks!

The Sheenazing Awards end tonight.  If you haven't had a chance to look at the categories and the nominees, now would be a good time! They are hosted by Bonnie over at The Knotted Life.

I've been blogging a long time.  Like - over 10 years. And the Catholic Blogosphere has changed greatly.  But it's still around and in many ways it's more exciting than ever.

And as Bonnie says, another purpose of these awards is to appreciate the late, great Bishop Fulton Sheen. If you're unfamiliar with Bishop Sheen, here's a little introduction!

 So if you'd be so kind, hop over to the Knotted Life    and vote!

Daniel Bearman - cause any guy who can get zombies into a post about Catholicism has got my vote!

Small Things has my vote for best looking blog.  Her photos are lovely.

Passionate Perseverance  for most inspiring. This lady shared her daughter's life and death with her readers while keeping her grace and dignity. This blog is a great read!

I'm nominated for Lifestyle and Best Under appreciated

Little Catholic Bubble - for Smartest Blog - just read the piece she did on the Pope and Rabbits!

Adam's Ale - belongs to my pastor, a priest who loves his parish with all his heart and I think it shows on his postings.

Like Mother Like Daughter for coolest blogger

Catholic Bloggers Network - Best Group Blog

Lacy from Catholic Icing for Miss Congeniality!

Catholic Stuff You should Know - Best Podcast