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7-Quick Takes- The Late Sunday Mostly Video Edition

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1. Rosie has been taking a little sign language class at our weekly co-op.  She takes it very seriously and has been learning lots of signs every week and even on her own.  Here is a little sample of what the class has learned.

2. Rosie is also serious about her piano lessons.  This is what she prepared just before Christmas.

3. It was a thrill for me to perform some new music this Christmas Season.  This is a nice arrangement of What Child is This.  I am playing a violin part but it sounds nice with flute too.

4. Just for the fun of it, here's the second half of the Christmas Concert we did two weeks ago.

5.  We finally got our Christmas Tree up.  It looks really nice and smells good too.
2014 Christmas tree!
6. Put a tree up for the baby too.
7. Still much to do before Christmas Day! Light the Candles, Jesus is Coming!